Digital transformation for the hotel industry to overcome the impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down. While several industries across various sectors took a huge hit on their business, one among the most affected industries is the service and hospitality industry.  Many businesses were quick to adapt as they already had apps and pre-developed software that helped them sustain their business through the tough […]

AI in Healthcare [Solutions for Efficiency]

ai for healthcare industry

Technology in Healthcare “Prevention is better than cure”. This cannot be truer when it comes to the healthcare industry. A sector that strives to improve at a rapid rate can do so faster with the help of technology.  Technology has become a part of our daily lives, from smartphones that sync our calendars and remind […]

AI is Transforming the Insurance Industry [Here’s How You Can Benefit]

AI for insurance

Technology is an everchanging, ever-evolving field. AI in particular has grown over the years from a concept to an everyday solution in the form of NLP enabled chatbots, voice controlled appliances, smart homes, self-driving cars, etc. While some industries like IT and retail have been quick to incorporate AI solutions, others like the insurance industry […]

5 Examples of AI in Healthcare [& Why You Need It]

5 Examples of AI in Healthcare [& Why You Need It]

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming an important part of healthcare. The size of the Health AI market which was $600M in 2014 is projected to rise to $6.6B by 2021 according to research by Accenture. That is a growth of nearly 1000%! AI based technology is helping healthcare in activities right from consultation to recovery. […]

Chatbots vs Personal Customer Support [What’s right for you]

Chatbots vs Personal Customer Support [What's right for you]

As customers, we are used to conversing with bots when we call/message the customer support of any brand. In fact, we expect to first come in contact with a bot. As customers, I’m sure we have all also faced situations where we needed urgent support but got stuck playing merry-go-round with an automated system (call […]

5 Ways AI is Being Used in Fintech Today [Resulting in Happier Customers]

AI in Fintech

The Fintech industry is synonymous with technical innovation. Of course, since it has ‘tech’ in its very name. Taking a step back, what is ‘Fintech’? It is the combination of finance and technology, the delivery of financial services through modern, technical solutions. While the infusion of tech and finance is not very young: we are […]

3 Areas of AI Your Organization Needs to Tap Into, Today!

3 areas of ai your organization needs to tap into today

Artificial Intelligence is quite the buzzword these days, and never has there been this much hype about an advancement in innovation except maybe, when electricity was discovered. AI has changed the way we live and work, with advancements like Machine Learning and RPA helping organizations automate redundant and repetitive tasks to boost productivity and efficiency. […]