5 Ways AI is Being Used in Fintech Today [Resulting in Happier Customers]

AI in Fintech

The Fintech industry is synonymous with technical innovation. Of course, since it has ‘tech’ in its very name. Taking a step back, what is ‘Fintech’? It is the combination of finance and technology, the delivery of financial services through modern, technical solutions. While the infusion of tech and finance is not very young: we are […]

3 Areas of AI Your Organization Needs to Tap Into, Today!

3 areas of ai your organization needs to tap into today

Artificial Intelligence is quite the buzzword these days, and never has there been this much hype about an advancement in innovation except maybe, when electricity was discovered. AI has changed the way we live and work, with advancements like Machine Learning and RPA helping organizations automate redundant and repetitive tasks to boost productivity and efficiency. […]