What is DevOps & Why You Should Start Investing in it [Complete Guide]

Why you should start investing in DevOps Software is developing so quickly that it can be difficult to know what new trends are worth paying attention to. When you start considering Agile or DevOps, you have to bear in mind the significant investments you will have to make.  This is what makes the whole thing […]

Top 6 Cloud Service Providers to Consider in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and the move to remote work and video conferencing has accelerated the shift towards the cloud. Companies are now increasingly seeing the cloud as a digital transformation engine essential for work and also as a technology that improves business continuity.  As work was forced to go remote due to stay-at-home orders tasks […]

Your Role as a Client in Software Development [When Outsourcing]

Let’s say you are building a house. You go to a construction firm; the Civil Engineer and Architect will ask you questions like, how many rooms you want for your house, how many floors, what kind of style etc.  After penning down your basic requirements, the architect will need to know about your vision – […]

The Impact of Digitizing Your Business [& Why You Should Do It!]

The Impact of Digitizing Your Business [& Why You Should Do It!]-01

What does it mean to ‘digitize’ your business? It’s creating a digital presence for visibility, a digital outreach to acquire clients/customers, and delivering your service/product digitally. How do you achieve each of these feats? Presence is created through a website and/or a mobile app. Visibility and outreach is gained through digital marketing. Services and products […]

Here’s 5 Ways How Your Organization Can Usher in Digitization With DevOps

5 ways how your organization can usher in digitization with devops

‘Digital Transformation’ is a popularly used buzzword these days, and rightly so considering the rapid pace with which technology is up-scaling. Digital Transformation for a company means staying on-par with current technology and innovation, for personal growth and to stay in competition. Technological growth can come on multiple forms and affect different segments of a […]