Why It’s The Right Time to Outsource Technology Talents

The technology sector is in a complicated situation since the pandemic. Companies have an urgent need to incorporate modern tech solutions and develop business applications because they greatly improve service and product delivery capabilities while reducing costs, but companies are unable to shell out the initial budget needed to build an IT team to get […]

The Impact of Digitizing Your Business [& Why You Should Do It!]

The Impact of Digitizing Your Business [& Why You Should Do It!]-01

What does it mean to ‘digitize’ your business? It’s creating a digital presence for visibility, a digital outreach to acquire clients/customers, and delivering your service/product digitally. How do you achieve each of these feats? Presence is created through a website and/or a mobile app. Visibility and outreach is gained through digital marketing. Services and products […]

3 Areas of AI Your Organization Needs to Tap Into, Today!

3 areas of ai your organization needs to tap into today

Artificial Intelligence is quite the buzzword these days, and never has there been this much hype about an advancement in innovation except maybe, when electricity was discovered. AI has changed the way we live and work, with advancements like Machine Learning and RPA helping organizations automate redundant and repetitive tasks to boost productivity and efficiency. […]

Here’s 5 Ways How Your Organization Can Usher in Digitization With DevOps

5 ways how your organization can usher in digitization with devops

‘Digital Transformation’ is a popularly used buzzword these days, and rightly so considering the rapid pace with which technology is up-scaling. Digital Transformation for a company means staying on-par with current technology and innovation, for personal growth and to stay in competition. Technological growth can come on multiple forms and affect different segments of a […]

When Should Your Make The Shift From Excel To CRM?

shift from excel to crm

Microsoft Excel is the foundation on which many a businesses run. It can be a simple sheet to list out items, similar to a grocery list, or can actually be an interface for a video game! One very common use of Excel spreadsheets is lead capturing. While lead capturing used to happen manually, today there […]

How To Design UX For Increased App User Retention

design ux for increased app user retention

We have been talking a lot about app releases lately. We recently penned two articles on marketing strategies you must follow before and after the release of your mobile app. What these marketing strategies do for your app is, skyrocket its visibility and consequently, downloads. However, what every seasoned entrepreneur, developer, or marketer is painfully […]

4 Direct Consequences of Incredible UX Design

4 direct consequences of incredible ux design

In the industry today where interfaces are proliferating, UX design has a critical role to play. UX, as the name suggests, is ‘User Experience’. It is the journey traversed by an app, software, or website visitor, the emotions they feel, and the story they are told. A lot of entrepreneurs and engineers focus on UI, […]

6 Strategies to Propel App Downloads

6 strategies to propel app downloads

Apps are an integral part of any business, especially in present times when most people prefer to access things through their smartphones. Apps also offer an ease of communication with the clients and can be beneficial in generating leads through push messages with enticing offers. There are several advantages of having an app, but you […]

Virtual CTOs: The Technical Prowess at a Fraction of the Cost

Virtual CTO benefits

Putting Virtual CTOs into Perspective Virtual Machines are extremely popular in today’s tech industry because of the fact that you can pick and choose features that you need, and pay for only those features. You can upgrade or downgrade on the fly with zero to minimal downtime. They are reliable, cost efficient and high performing. […]