Digital transformation for the hotel industry to overcome the impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 has turned the world upside down. While several industries across various sectors took a huge hit on their business, one among the most affected industries is the service and hospitality industry.  Many businesses were quick to adapt as they already had apps and pre-developed software that helped them sustain their business through the tough […]

AI is Transforming the Insurance Industry [Here’s How You Can Benefit]

AI for insurance

Technology is an everchanging, ever-evolving field. AI in particular has grown over the years from a concept to an everyday solution in the form of NLP enabled chatbots, voice controlled appliances, smart homes, self-driving cars, etc. While some industries like IT and retail have been quick to incorporate AI solutions, others like the insurance industry […]

5 Examples of AI in Healthcare [& Why You Need It]

5 Examples of AI in Healthcare [& Why You Need It]

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming an important part of healthcare. The size of the Health AI market which was $600M in 2014 is projected to rise to $6.6B by 2021 according to research by Accenture. That is a growth of nearly 1000%! AI based technology is helping healthcare in activities right from consultation to recovery. […]

Chatbots vs Personal Customer Support [What’s right for you]

Chatbots vs Personal Customer Support [What's right for you]

As customers, we are used to conversing with bots when we call/message the customer support of any brand. In fact, we expect to first come in contact with a bot. As customers, I’m sure we have all also faced situations where we needed urgent support but got stuck playing merry-go-round with an automated system (call […]