Enable Your CRM With Artificial Intelligence – Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is Salesforce’s AI solution, a Smart CRM Assistant. Salesforce Einstein allows organizations to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their CRM (new or existing) solution. To understand how Salesforce Einstein can help, it’s important to first understand how AI can help (because it is these features and benefits of AI that are dispensed by Salesforce […]

Reasons to Build a Custom Salesforce App Over Buying a Ready to Use Plugin

salesforce custom apps development

We have already seen why and how Salesforce helps organizations propel sales (we covered it here: All You Need to Know About Salesforce [Top FAQs]). Salesforce is a CRM tool that brings your revenue churning teams: sales, marketing, support etc, under one roof. It lets you streamline and automate processes, provides actionable analytics, and has […]

All You Need to Know About Salesforce [Top FAQs]

All You Need to Know About Salesforce - Salesforce FAQs

Having worked as consultants with many clients on Salesforce implementation, and having propelled growth for them through high performing CRM solutions, we have an innate idea of what questions most businesses have when it comes to Salesforce. In this article, we cover the fundamental concepts and FAQs related to Salesforce. This will give you an […]

Salesforce Implementation: The 5 Core Steps

Salesforce CRM integration

Does Your Business Need a CRM Solution? Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that ties together all required departments of a business: marketing, sales, analysts, services, etc, under one integrated CRM platform. With high level insights into each individual customer, Salesforce helps create a seamless ecosystem between companies and customers. Is it worth […]