Improve Operational Efficiency in the Construction Industry with Digital Transformation

In India, the construction industry is one of the biggest industries that creates several jobs across various sectors. The industry creates a flow of resources with strong linkages to industries like cement, steel, chemicals, paints, tiles, etc., the sector serves as one of the strongest propellers of private sector involvement in the country’s built environment. […]

Chatbots vs Personal Customer Support [What’s right for you]

Chatbots vs Personal Customer Support [What's right for you]

As customers, we are used to conversing with bots when we call/message the customer support of any brand. In fact, we expect to first come in contact with a bot. As customers, I’m sure we have all also faced situations where we needed urgent support but got stuck playing merry-go-round with an automated system (call […]

The Hype Around ‘Dark Mode’ For Apps

It’s not a new trend, but you might have heard of apps releasing a new ‘Dark Mode’ version recently. Facebook did it, Twitter did it, and many apps are following suit. What’s the reason behind this trend and should you consider it for your business app? 1. Majority of mobile phone users check their phone […]