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Webinar topic: AI based document digitisation

Date of webinar: 28th July 2021

Mode: Online | Pre-recorded

In this webinar, Getafix Technologies CEO, Asif Bhat, will walk you through the current state of the industry catering to digitisation of documents. 

Every day, hundreds and thousands of people spend thousands of hours manually entering information into digital systems from paper/pdf files. How would it impact the industry if the process is automated with modern technologies. Join Asif to find out how companies, including Getafix, are trying to solve this problem.

What will you learn:

1. Current state of document digitisation industry

2. Use cases, the potential for growth

3. How technology can reduce the manual labour of digitising paper based/pdf documents.

4. Solutions available in market

5. How you can achieve complete automation in 1 week

Asif Bhat

CEO, Getafix Technologies


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