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We are Getafix Technologies, a solutions company headquartered at Bangalore.

Your idea & our tech expertise equals an accelerated product.

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Why Choose Getafix as your technology partner

Because you deserve the best. Yes, we are the best. We put in the time and effort to understand your businesses goals, create user personas, and explore the market and competitors.


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Research & Discovery

The first step to building a profitable business app is to define the audience, and map business goals to this target group.

We always do this as step one, as part of our discovery session. We understand your business goals and draw an ideal customer profile.

Innovative Solutions

As tech experts we have the skills to deliver everything in modern tech - from AI & ML to immersive tech like VR & AR.

What this means for you is that your business app gets the best of modern solutions ensuring a highly smart product.

Insight Driven UI and UX

Our UI and UX designs are modeled after the insights derived from the discovery session.

The idea is to design a product that is tailored specifically for your audience to access your brand seamlessly and with minimal effort.

Performance Driven Code

With the designs tailored to engage and convert, we guide you through the technology stack that will work best for your web/mobile application.

We ensure the best performance by leveraging today's cloud solutions and sleek code.

Excellent Quality

With the time, effort and care put into the designs and development, excellent quality is a foregone conclusion.

What you get is a web and/or mobile application built for Android/iOS that maximizes user engagement, conversion, and ROI

Ideation to Launch

What makes Getafix the best mobile application development company in Bangalore is that, by involving ourselves right from the idea conceptualization stage to app delivery, we completely understand the business and the audience.

This immersive attitude is what sets us apart.

If you have an idea that you believe is exceptional, that you believe should become a profitable product, that you know will enhance the lives of users, all you have to do is start a conversation with us.


We are a technology company and we build (or re-build) products. This could be web or mobile apps. In order to achieve this we have a team of UX UI designers, Salesforce/Python/Java/Angular/etc developers, product managers, etc. Essentially, we can help you get anything from idea to digital.

We are a technology company, we can build products for any industry or domain. We have actively built web and mobile apps for industeries like Fintech, Healthcare, BFSI, Logistics, Retail, and ECommerce.
When we take up a web or mobile app development project, we first completely understand the business, the market and the competition. We then draw out an ideal user profile. Next, we define the app features. We then work on the UX and UI with the company and target audience in mind. We then move to development.
The cost of developing a mobile application depends on a lot of factors. The complexity, architecture, features, etc. Only after discussing these things can we offer a quote.
Just like the cost, the time also depends on a multitude of factors. Whether you’re looking for a web app or mobile app, the complexity, design, etc. Giving a budget and schedule will be possible only once we fully understand the requirement.


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