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Getafix technologies is a UI UX design services company in Bangalore catering to clients across India and the globe. As an experienced UI UX design agency, we understand whats enables users to stay on a website or application, and what enforces action. UX UI web design is crucial to the success of a company’s website. Our methodology involves understanding your business needs, chalking out your target audience’s persona, and then designing a process flow that best delivers your enterprise features to the end user. Our services extend to web and mobile UI design services.


Understand Business Needs

The first step in designing UX and UI is understanding what you, as an enterprise, are trying to achieve. The benefits you provide, the features that are available, and the target audience.

Define the Target Audience

As one of the best UI/UX design companies in India, we take research a step further and draw a prospective user persona. Only after understanding your target audience do we start designing.


Our creative experts in the UX design lab map out a wire-frame to put the user’s website or application journey on paper. This gives us a high level view of the user path.


Once the UX and UI designs are finalized, we build an alpha version of the app or website and test it for bugs, pain points, or drawbacks. This QA includes cross-platform testing.

Build & Deliver

Once we are satisfied with the results, we deliver the final product. You will, of course, be a partner in the entire journey, from ideation to delivery.

Support & Iterations

After delivery, we continue to provide support and assistance on changes (solely as per our discretion) to ensure any issues that arise after going live are properly, and immediately mitigated.

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By delivering exceptional UI UX design services we have earned the ranks of being one of the best UI UX design companies in Bangalore. Through a collective of 15 years experience we have developed an astute sense of a user’s psychology when navigating through a website or app. We put this methodology to use in our UI UX design company and deliver products that not only look stunning, they also perform like a well oiled machine. Your need for UX UI development services ends here.

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