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We are Getafix Technologies, leaders in the domain of Machine Learning. ML lets organizations utilize their data efficiently, by providing insights into untapped processes and growth areas. Your competitors are already leveraging Big Data and Machine Learning for smart analytics to accelerate growth. Are you struggling to consolidate data silos? Is your analytics team unable to provide answers for past failures or predict future outcomes? Does your business churn out massive volumes of data? You, have much to gain from Machine Learning.

We provide customized, secure, powerful solutions that work.



We’ll assess your current business processes and tech to map out a clear Machine Learning integration strategy.


After preliminary tests and iterations, Getafix will build your custom ML solution and integrate it into the existing architecture.


In most cases, we will help set up a monitoring system for alerts on issues and to improve process efficiency.

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Machine Learning solutions can help you utilize your data to its maximum potential. Solutions like text analysis, image analysis, OCR, information extraction, anomaly detection, predictive analytics, etc will help your organization automate its processes, and more importantly, derive actionable insights from collected data.

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