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iOS & Android mobile app developers in Bangalore

Getafix is a Bangalore based technology company with expertise in iOS and Android mobile app development. With over 15 years of collective experience delivering mobile apps for domains like Fintech, BFSI, Retail, E-Commerce, EduTech, and Healthcare, we have acquired an innate sense of knowing what works well with audiences. Our core proficiency in design and development makes us one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore. We follow a strict process which helps us fully understand your business and your audience. This helps us build a viable mobile app that is designed and developed to engage and convert users. What differentiates us from other mobile app development companies is Bangalore is development methodology, which we established right form the conception of Getafix. Our motto is to put the business goals and target audience in the forefront and built the app around this. The platform, architecture, and features are selected to satisfy business goals and the target audience. If you need a mobile app development company in Bangalore, drop us a message. We are the right team for bespoke Android and iOS mobile applications

iOS and android app development company in bangalore

Why you need a mobile application development company in Bangalore

Harness the power of high performing iOS & Android mobile apps

Mobile is the number one opportunity for growth available to businesses today. With a majority of the world’s population online on mobile devices today, the chances of you reaching your audience is maximized through a mobile app. As one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore, we have seen businesses experience 10x growth just by digitizing their products/services through a mobile application. If you need an iOS app development company in Bangalore or an Android app development company in Bangalore, you have come to the right place. Drop us a message and we will get the conversation started.

Scope Of Our Mobile App Development Services

Mobile App Consulting

As a professional mobile app development company in Bangalore, we begin the process of app development through the discovery phase. We analyse your services & products, understand your business vision & goals, and create a user persona to target the right audience. 

Mobile App Design

Our team of UX & UI designers apply insights from the discovery phase to design the wireframe & aesthetics of your mobile app. The design will ensure maximum engagement & conversion.  We are the top mobile app development company in Bangalore for a reason.

Mobile App Development

Our expertise lies in technology- Android apps, iOS apps, Xamarin apps, Ionic apps, react Native apps, etc, and we will suggest the best solution for your business. We make mobile application development in Bangalore accessible so every business can now be digital.

Backend Platform

We build apps that work for both your audience, & your enterprise. Depending on necessity we will create a backend portal for admin access & management. Get complete control of your application and provide excellent customer service.

Mobile App Re-build

We also work with businesses towards revamping their existing mobile application. Our experience as an Android and iPhone app development company in Bangalore helps provide the best and most viable solution for a rebuild.

App Support

The relationship between your business and the mobile app developer does not end with the app release. As the team that moulded the app, we are also best suited for period QA tests and technical support. We also offer app support post release 

Why Getafix

15+ Years of Collective Experience Delivering High Performing Mobile Applications

Mobile’s are the most used device today, making it the single largest audience pool. Reaching out to your target audience is easy once you digitize your business with a mobile app. As an Android and iOS app development company Bangalore, we specialize in mobile app development. We have over 15 years of collective technology experience that makes us one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore. We bring this experience and knowledge to help you get from ideation to market fast with a robust and high performing mobile application. Your search for iOS and Android application development companies in Bangalore ends here. 

Iphone App Development Company

Here's What We Bring to the Table

Research & Discovery

A sleek & high performing app in the hands of the wrong audience will do nothing for your business. Experience has taught us that the selected features and the target audience need to be perfect for maximum ROI, and we 'discover' these nuances for your business in the discovery session.

Innovative Solutions

Our expertise branches out, from mobile app development in Bangalore to building Artificial Intelligence enabled image scanners, Machine Learning enabled analytics systems, and so on. This vast expertise helps us suggest the infusion of modern solutions into your app.

Insight Driven UI and UX

At Getafix we know the power of data & insights. We leverage the analysis derived from the discovery session to design the UX & UI of your mobile app to engage users, and foster conversion. Everything, from CTAs to the visuals, are designed with your goals & audience in mind.

Performance Driven Code

Technology has advanced to a stage today where there are numerous language and platform options available. Again, through the data insights derived, we select the platform, tech stack and infrastructure that best suits your product, and the result is a high performing ROI machine.

Excellent Quality

We perfectly understand the need for balance between performance and aesthetics. While your audience looks for a sleek and visually stunning app that has the features they need, stakeholders will look for a fast app with maximum uptime. We blend the two to deliver the best quality.

Ideation to Launch

What makes Getafix the best mobile application development company in Bangalore is that, by involving ourselves right from the idea conceptualization stage to app delivery, we completely understand the business and the audience. This immersive attitude is what sets us apart.

Our Mobile App Development Methodology


↠ Gather requirements
↠ Analyze the business
↠ Analyze the audience
↠ Analyze the domain
↠ Analyze the market


↠ Create user personas
↠ Select technology stack
↠ Select architecture
↠ Select app features
↠ Define branding


↠ Design the wireframe
↠ Design the user flow
↠ Design the visuals


↠ Initial setup
↠ Coding
↠ Integration
↠ MVP build
↠ Product build


↠ MVP release
↠ Staging release


↠ QA testing
↠ User test creation
↠ Manual testing
↠ Automation testing


↠ Deploy to production
↠ Marketplace launch
↠ App store launch
↠ Monitor performance
↠ Product handover


↠ Continued app support
↠ Troubleshooting
↠ Managed Services

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Recent Products

Ai Enabled Image Recognition System

AI enabled image recognition system

LogSoft is a technology company which provides a solution for producers, manufacturers, & businesses in the logistics service industry to book, manage, track & count pallets, crates, containers or any empty reusable transport packaging (RTP).

Getafix designed & developed ‘PackCount’, an image processing module built on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning that counts the number of pallets in an image & transfers this information to the backend ERP solution.

Solutions Provided: UI/UX Design, AI+ML Enabled Image Processing Module, Mobile App.

Lender And Realtor Management

Lender and Realtor Management

Big Purple Dot is an American real estate management software for lenders & realtors with a platform for mortgage lending & CRM.

Getafix Technologies built the Android application, which is the number 1 rated app in Lender and Realtor Management, and a backend standalone credit integration service for the mortgage lending platform that can be plugged to any service or feature within Big Purple Dot’s portfolio to extract details with just a Social Security Number.

Solutions Provided: Restful API Development, Mobile App Development, Stand alone Integrations.

Mobile Loan Management System

Mobile Loan Management System

Finex is a US based technology company which provides digital payment, lending, and finance services through partnerships with global fintech companies, businesses, and banks.

Getafix Technologies works with Finex US to build, implement, and integrate complete end-to-end loan management systems, origination, and peer-to peer marketplaces on Salesforce.

Solutions Provided: Algorithm Design, Salesforce Development, API Design & Development.

Analytics Module For Fintech App

Analytics Module for Fintech App

Finch is an Australian financial technology platform that collates billions of transactional, behavioural and social data to provide users with a finance solution to pay friends, manage group expenses, and track social spending, all from one sleek app.

Getafix Technologies designed and developed the analytics and backend module with an iOS and Android dashboard, and integrated the application with a data aggregator.

Solutions Provided: Analytics Engine, Integrations, Dashboard Development.

What We Do As A Mobile App Development Company

retail mobile app development company

Android app development company in Bangalore

Building high powered apps for the Android platform

If you’re looking for an android app development company in Bangalore, we’re the right team of technology experts for you. The development team at Getafix explore and leverage all the technical capabilities of the Android platform to build apps that are high on performance, are intuitive, and rich in features. We employ Google Android SDK’s APIs, debugging tools, handset emulator and sample code to run Android-powered applications. Our expertise building apps on the Android platform for domains like Fintech, Retail, Ecommerce, Healthcare and Banking makes us one the best android application development companies in Bangalore.

iOS app development company in Bangalore

Taking your brand to one of the most used platforms in the world

The iOS developers at Getafix develop advanced mobile solutions for like Shopping apps, Travel apps, Geo-location apps, Social Apps, Business apps, and fun apps on the iOS platform. As the best iPhone app development company in Bangalore, we will use our past expertise to guide you through the entire app development process so you get the best possible results from the endeavour. Our methodology is to focus on functions, performance, security strength, offline capability and interoperability. Your search for an iOS app development company Bangalore ends here.

ios app development company in bangalore

Artificial Intelligence

AI is today's trending technology, and our AI services enable your mobile app to be integrated with highly capable AI solutions. Whether it is a fully automated chatbot or a voice assistant, Getafix has the expertise and tools to serve.

Machine Learning

Our ML expertise ranges across different areas like deep learning, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks, predictive analytics, mathematical optimization, computational learning theory, and self-optimization.

Data Science

Getafix provides data science solutions to help you derive meaningful insights and analytics from structured and unstructured data silos. We achieve this by building analytics systems that process your data and help you make informed decisions.


1. How do I know if my mobile app idea is feasible?

Getafix, as a mobile app development company in Bangalore, offers free consultation during which we assess the feasibility of digitizing your idea through a mobile app. We consider factors like your competition, your business goals, and the target audience to give you the right suggestion.

2. How do we establish who the target audience is?

We take you through a round of discovery during which we analyze your business, competitors, the domain and the market to create user personas. These personas represent your target audience. During this step we establish who exactly to target through the mobile app.

3. How much time does it take to develop a mobile app?

A timeline cannot be established without first understanding the scope of requirements. The only way to answer this accurately is after the discovery stage. In our experience as an Android and iOS app development company Bangalore, app development can take between 6-12 months.

4. What would be the Cost of Developing the App?

Again, this can only be answered after initial assessment. Cost depends on: Design, development, testing, integration, and support.

5. How do I know which is the right mobile development company for me?

Every app development team has it’s own methodology for development. You need to first check if the company you choose is on the same wavelength as you, when it comes to your business goals. Next, check if they have the expertise by analyzing their portfolio. lastly, there is always going to be an element of unknown and you’re going to have to trust your gut.

6. Which is the best mobile app development company in Bangalore?

Every company has the skills to build a mobile app. The difference is in the number of solutions they know, and the expertise in each solution. For example, we have a team of developers with a wide range of technical skills, ranging from Flutter and Ionic to Python and Ruby. We have have extensive experience in multiple domains.

7. What if we need modifications in the future?

The lifecycle of a mobile app is infinite (or at least until it is deprecated). We understand that a mobile app development company’s responsibilities do not end at delivery. While we do offer ad hoc support, we also discuss terms of engagement right form the start so you’re aware of the level of support you are going to receive.

8. How will we select the right platform and architecture for the app?

Well, you won’t. That responsibility is on us. After understanding your requirements, your business goals, and your target audience, together we define the features of the app and then we suggest the best technology stack to achieve the solution.

mobile app development services

Ready for a custom business mobile application?

Bespoke solutions tailored for your business

Your business is unique in its values and service goals, your business mobile application should be too. The difference between the success ratio of two competitive businesses can boil down to the quality of their mobile application. Users expect sophistication with performance. We will deliver exactly that. Our team of expert UX and UI designers and excellent developers are at your disposal. Let’s get a conversation rolling.

Mobile App Development Resources

How to get a mobile app developed?

As expert mobile app developers in Bangalore, we often act as consultants for startups and established organizations looking to get their idea digitized through a mobile app. There are a lot of steps and processes that go into getting an application live, some that are executed before you even approach a mobile app development company. Because we get asked about the steps involved in developing an app quite often, we have created a detailed document that covers all the steps involved. The doc will help you understand your responsibilities in the process, the responsibilities of the app development company, and the steps involved in order.

Mobile applications for logistics companies

The logistics and supply chain industry are very technically advanced in their operations. Software and tools like ERP, WMS, RFID, etc are utilized to manage warehouses, products, shipping, delivery freight, personnel, customers, etc. The involvement of many technologies can create silos within the organization, with one solution being disjointed from another. The logistics and supply chain industry can stand to solve this problem by introducing a mobile application that ties all technologies together. We have worked with logistics and supply chain companies to achieve exactly that, and penned our learning in this article.

Maximizing app downloads post release

Getting an app developed is only the start of your journey. The next step is maximizing downloads, and downloads are the only true measure of success (well, and repeated usage). The first step in influencing downloads is optimizing the app’s Apple app store and Google play store entry. ASO, or App Store Optimization is an entire science in itself, and is critical for ensuring maximum visibility and downloads. As mobile app developers, we work with our clients to help then with ASO when needed. We have curated this article to help any team looking to properly optimize their app on Apple and Google app stores.

Maximizing the success of a payment app

Payment apps like PayPal and Paytm haven’t achieved success because of luck. They have followed a planned strategy for their mobile application in order to dominate the payment app and mobile wallet market. We have also worked with a fair share of Fintech and BFSI and developed mobile apps that have been very successful. Through this experience, we have learned what features and strategies make these apps successful. Of course factors like timing and user demand play a role, but knowing these features will give you an added edge. Learn what features make payment apps like Paytm & PayPal successful.

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