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Getafix Technologies is a Bangalore based company with a formidable team whose expertise ranges from AWS integration services, AWS s3 integration, azure hosting services, chef integration, and more. With over 15 years of collective experience, we have built a technology centric company that enables enterprises to accelerate growth. If you’re looking to migrate physical server to AWS, migrate VMs to AWS, AWS server migration service, azure web app deployment, or deploy website to azure, you have picked the right team. Our host of services extend beyond this list. We’d love to discuss more over a call!


Technology Experts

Our niche is technology, and we don’t divert from this goal. Having worked extensively with services like cloud migration services and AWS web hosting, we are able to judge exactly what your business needs.

Understand Business Needs

We advise on what platform to leverage only after understanding your business needs, your audience, & your current tech stack. If you’re looking to migrate VM to azure, or to use chef to deploy applications, we’ll tell you what’s best.

End-to-End Solutions

We believe in making technology congruent, and this can only be achieved by developing all intercommunicating apps and services with a similar structure. This is why we will work on your needs from ground zero to the top ourselves.

Latest in Tech

We are strong believers in up-scaling knowledge and stay current with technology. Whether you want to host dynamic website on AWS, host PHP website on AWS, or just want some advice on chef vs puppet, we’ll have the right answer for you.

Efficient & Precise

With technology, there are crude ways of achieving results and there are surgical ways. We believe in setting the foundation right in order to ensure the solution is long lasting.

Customer Centric

We greatly value our clients and this gives you a tech team that is responsive and available. no matter your question: how to migrate to AWS, how to host a website on azure, how to host a website on Microsoft azure, how to host on azure, talk to us.

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Take Your Business to the Cloud

Engineering experts at your service! If you’re looking to take your technology stack to the next level, you need to leverage the power of the cloud. With platforms like Amazon’s AWS, Chef and Azure you get high performing solutions that enable your technological assets to become increasingly profitable. Here’s why you should pick Getafix Technologies, Bangalore, to be your technology partner.

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