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As one of the best Angularjs web development company in India, Getafix Technologies headquartered at Bangalore is pioneering the design and development of user-centric websites and products. The goal of a software of product is consumption, converting your idea into a usable tool that has maximum user engagement and retention. As a professional web development company with over 15+ years of collective experience, we enable your enterprise to scale and expand through our world-class Angular JS web development services.


UI UX Centric

A website or application has to first be designed on paper, then coded for use. Our UX and UI design team designs a process flow that is easy for a user to understand and aesthetics that attract retention.

Lightweight & Fast

Angular JS websites and apps are by nature lightweight and load extremely fast. We ensure the product uses only required code and cut out any unnecessary bloat to deliver an uber fast product.

Perfected Via Testing

All our web app products are tested thoroughly before release/delivery. Perfection is the keyword at Getafix Technologies and we ensure all our Angular JS websites are bug and security threat free.

Scalable for Growth

Our services are especially sought out by companies with a vision for massive growth, because out web products build on AngularJS are equipped for scalability. With the right design and development, website or application can mutate effortlessly.

Real-Time Application

One USP of AngularJS is the possibility to build real-time applications that need no reload. This makes it possible for you to present time sensitive data to your customers in real-time.

Cross Platform Compatible

Website and application, of course, are accessed on multiple devices: desktops, tablets and mobiles. Ensuring your AngularJS product seamlessly renders on all these devices with no loss of usability is one of our main goals.

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Websites and applications need to be fast loading, easy to use, and attractive. It is these simple aspects that we design and development companies often overlook. At Getafix Technologies, we have teams dedicated for UI and UX design strategy, ensuring that the end product is the best possible version achievable. Using AngulasJS, which is a modern language, we design and develop websites and applications that encompass your business and feature requirements, while ensuring the end-user usability factor is kept intact. Your search for an Angular JS design and development company ends here.

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