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Every business requires solutions that are specific to their needs, their environment and their clients. The implemented technology and underlying platform should be defined depending on the requirement, and this requires a thorough vetting of the organization. At Getafix Technologies, our approach is to first understand what you do and what can help you accelerate growth. We then provide a solution that works best for your organization and existing infrastructure.



We provide a robust customer relationship management solution built on today’s leading CRM platform Salesforce. Learn more: Salesforce Services

Software Development

We build products on technologies Angular JS, Python, and Java to give you fast, high performing product solutions. Learn more: S/W Dev Services

Mobile App Dev

Looking to release your idea on iOS and Android platforms? Getafix can help you convert your idea into a highly viral mobile app. Learn more: Mobile Dev Services

UI/UX Design

All development solutions are preceded by bespoke UX and UI designing, to ensure your brand messaging is enforced. Learn more: Salesforce Services

Dev Ops

Our range of Dev Ops solutions include development, implementation & migration on AWS, Azure, & Chef technologies. Learn more: DevOps Services


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning integrated solutions can help propel your businesses, and we can help you get started. Learn more: AI Services

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Having worked with industries like Fintech, Banking and Finances, Healthcare, EduTech, Retail, and E-Commerce, providing services like CRM implementation, Mobile App Development, Product design and development, etc, we have developed a keen sense of customer understanding. We use this to accurately profile your customer, design a highly engaging solution and deliver it so you start seeing results, immediately. Drop us a message, let’s talk.


1. What services does Getafix provide?

We are a technology company who work with clients to design (UI and UX) and develop software and web products. This includes web apps, mobile apps, and stand-alone platforms/software. This product you need could be on any platform and built on language, we’ll advice you on the best way forward. We have worked on Salesforce, Python, Java, iOS, Android, Angulae JS, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.

2. Do you provide services in select locations only?

No, we work with clients based on the product they need, not the location they are in. We have teams in Bangalore and Mumbai and we work with clients all over the world – India, the US, UAE, UK, Germany, Kuwait, etc. When we start the project, we schedule period calls and maintain reports to keep you updated on the progress.

3. Are your services specific to certain industries?

No, since technology is not industry specific, neither are our services. We have worked with companies in domains like Fintech, BFSI, Retail, E-Commerce, and Manufacturing. The nature of the design and features will be tailored to suit the audiences in the industry. 

4. I have a product idea but no understanding of technology. Would you e able to help develop it?

Yes, most definitely. Ideally, we prefer to select the best technology stacks to use in order to build the best version of the product your need. That’s where our expertise lies. This means if you come to us with an idea and a clean slate, we will guide you and deliver the best possible solution. If you have specific technologies in mind, that works too, and we’ll advice you on other options if necessary.

5. What is the process followed to develop a product?

First, we like to meet or get on a conference call to understand the product you need, your business, the vision and goals, the processes, daily activities, and define your business audience. We call this the discovery session. Then , we get into the finer aspects of the product you want delivered, the required features, services, options, etc. Then we design the UX to give you an idea of the user flow. Once the UX is fixed, we work on fixing the UI, or the aesthetics of the product. The we build the product with regular QCs and tests. Finally, we deploy and deliver.

6. Do we need to separately hire UI and UX designers for the product's design?

No, you don’t. We are a technology product development company, but we understand that the design is as important as the technical features. We have a team of designers who we work with closely towards creating a UX flow that is provides maximum impact, highlights features, and is easy to use. Similarly, we work with the team towards designing a UI that re-enforces your brand and is aesthetically brilliant at the same time.

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