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We are Getafix Technologies, pioneers in the artificial intelligence domain. AI is not the future, it is already here today, and businesses are leveraging Artificial Intelligence services to automate their processes for accelerated growth. Google’s search engine, Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s recommendation algorithm, and IBM’s Watson are all examples of AI in use. If you think there are many processes within your business that are redundant, that can be optimized through automation, and are in need of streamlining, drop us a message. Through careful study of all your business processes, Getafix will provide an AI solution that will exponentially increase productivity.

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AI for Sales

Imagine what your sales numbers will be once your sales engine is being powered by AI. By learning from past emails and phone calls, an AI assisted program can completely take over the sales pipeline, finding ideal prospects and running the sales funnel until a personal meeting is required.

AI for Marketing

Artificial Intelligence solutions can streamline your marketing campaigns for better outreach and results. AI programs help marketers reach out to the right target audience by analyzing engagement data to predict audience engagement outcome, giving a higher ROI.

AI for Customer Service

While marketing and sales aim to bring in new customers, customer service aims to retain them. AI powered customer service programs and bots can predict user intention and sentiment to provide better, more accurate answers, faster, thereby improving customer service.

AI for Growth

Automation is the key to error free, efficient processes. AI bots are free from human error, and with today’s computational prowess are able to deliver services faster. 

AI for Security

AI enabled solutions are capable of detecting threats and vulnerabilities providing you with the opportunity for proactive action. Safeguard you business with Artifical Intelligence.

AI for All

It does not matter what domain your business is in: Automotive, Finance, Education, Healthcare, Retail, or Manufacturing, you can benefit from AI. Every process has room for AI integration.

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As one of the leading Artificial Intelligence solutions providers in  Bangalore, we ensure your AI product is built to suit your business and its processes. Through careful screening, we will provide an AI solution that works to boost marketing ROI, grow sales, and increase productivity. 

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