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We are a Salesforce development and implementation service company based in Bangalore with a global clientele. Salesforce is today’s leading CRM platform that brings together business process management, customer service management, report management, etc. enabling an enterprise to collate, manage and access multiple levels of data on one platform brings in transparency and improves efficiency. Our Salesforce implementation services help you achieve this enterprise level control over data. For cloud-based applications or a cloud-based CRM, we are the right Salesforce implementation consultant for you. Your search for Salesforce CPQ implementation partners ends here. We have delivered niche specific CRM solutions for our clients that improve the efficacy of customer relationship management. We achieve this by designing the solution right from the roots, with consulting, planning, development, implementation, and tweaking – an all round Salesforce implementation company.


Salesforce Crm Implementation

Looking for Salesforce consultants to audit your CRM?

Technological Experts at Your Service

Our Salesforce support services extend to consulting for existing CRM solutions. We will analyze and audit your CRM to identify drawbacks and limitations in terms of features and implementation. We will then design a solution to fix and enhance your CRM solution to ensure you get the best out of Salesforce. Our Industry expertise for Salesforce implementation include manufacturing, retail, logistics, supply chain, healthcare, banking, telecoms, etc. We’re more than an outsourced company, we are your Salesforce implementation partners.

Implementing Salesforce Into Your Org

Research & Discovery

The first step in Salesforce CRM implementation is analyzing existing processes and identifying where Salesforce fits is. It could be a solution for one department, or an org-wide implementation. By analyzing how your business operates during BAU, we can suggest the best solution.

Build to Fit

We customize the CRM to suit your requirements. We can use existing 3rd party party plugins or custom build solutions, depending on how you want the CRM to perform. We aim to build a product that fits into your defined business processes so your team can adapt to the CRM quickly.


We integrate Salesforce with existing architecture to minimize implementation costs & time, & to ensure past data is seamlessly transferred. We also launch the product & assist you with knowledge transfer as a part of our Salesforce implementation services

Salesforce Consultancy

With a plethora of solutions, the Salesforce platform can be quite unnerving. We simplify this for you by first understanding your needs, analyzing your business process, constructing a process strategy, and then mapping out the best solution.

Salesforce Development Strategy

Getafix Technologies will help you organize your business pain points and give you the means to solve them with a custom Salesforce solution. Identifying the right Salesforce tools and APIs is our expertise.

Salesforce Integrations

We help you integrate Salesforce CRM solutions into existing infrastructure like ERP, Google Analytics, website, third party apps, etc. Our expertise has earned us the title of one of the best Salesforce development companies.

Sales Cloud for ROI

We will develop a robust Salesforce solution that gives you control over Contact Management, Lead Management, Opportunity Management, Reports and Dashboards, Email Integration and Sales Forecasting. a complete lead generation powerhouse.

Service Cloud for Relationships

A complete CRM solution for verticals like Case Management, Telephone Integration, Workflow and Approvals, Einstein Service Analytics, Video Chat, and Social Customer Service. We’ll help you ensure your clients are happy.

Marketing Cloud for Growth

Our Salesforce implementation methodology is to accelerate growth, and we achieve that by integrating Salesforce CPQ and CRM with existing infrastructure and marketing solutions like email, social media, chat, etc.

Why Getafix

15+ Years of Collective Experience Delivering Salesforce Implementation Services

As one of the leading Salesforce consulting companies in Bangalore, we have carved a name for being experts in building Salesforce solutions. Having worked with global clients in fields like retail , fintech, logistics, ecommerce, etc, we have developed in innate understand of how exactly Salesforce can fit into your organisation’s framework. The result is a high performing CRM that maximizes your team’s customer acquiring, nurturing, and servicing potential. 

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We Provide Customized Salesforce Solutions for Your Business Needs

Salesforce is a robust platform allowing for an incredible level of customization over its core platform. This ability to extend the Salesforce software and build a unique solution by mapping your business specific needs makes it one of the best CRM tools. As Salesforce CRM integration experts, our role lies in understanding you business requirement, designing a product process flow that will help achieve the requirement, and then developing the custom Salesforce CRM product. Our experience and thinking ranks us among the top Salesforce implementation companies in India.


1. What is a CRM?

CRM, or Customer relationship Management, is a platform technology that enables you to manage all customer related data, customer ‘relationships’, and customer interactions via one single solution. It collates the data and makes it available through one platform. The aim is to improve visibility, analyze data, draw insights, and use this to grow business and revenue.

2. Is a CRM specific to one department, like sales?

A CRM solution is not specific to one domain and can in fact be used throughout the organization. There are department specific solutions like Salesforce Sales Cloud for the sales team, Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the marketing team, etc which have features specifically built to help people in those domains, but in general the analytics and insights can be utilized by anyone within the organization to make better business decisions.

3. What is Salesforce?

Salesforce, created by cloud computing company, Inc. is a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) CRM solution. Salesforce connects all required departments of an organization: marketing, sales, analysts, services, etc, through one integrated CRM platform.

4. Do you provide Salesforce implementation services?

Yes, Getafix provide Salesforce development services. We design a solution on Salesforce, develop it and deploy it for your teams to use.

5. What can Salesforce be used for?

Salesforce provides multiple features and uses, like:

  • Contact Management
  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Workflow Creation
  • Task Management
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Analytics
  • Intuitive, Mobile-Ready Dashboard
  • Marketing Leads Monitoring
  • Social Media Integration
  • Email Integration
  • Features for Salespeople
  • Sales Leads Monitoring
  • Communities for Sales
  • Sales Forecasting

6. Does Salesforce have department specific solutions?

Yes, they have built tailored solutions for individual departments. For example:

  • Sales Cloud – solution for sales process automation, design and management, contact, lead, and opportunity management, sales reporting and forecasting.
  • Service Cloud – solution for omnichannel customer service automation and management, case management, field service management, and customer service analytics.
  • Marketing Cloud – solution for marketing campaign automation and management, customer segmentation, social media advertising and creation of customer communication scenarios.

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