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A majority of the world’s population are using their mobile phones right now. That makes the mobile phone the most lucrative platform to reach out to your audience, to increase brand awareness, sell your product, and boost sales. As a mobile app development agency in Bangalore, we foster this brand growth by providing custom mobile app development solutions for both Android (Android supported phones) and iOS (iPhones and iPads). We are headquartered in Bangalore, but have a global presence.


Custom Android Apps

We enable our clients to achieve accelerated growth by taking their services and products to the right audience via enhanced mobile apps. There’s a reason why we’re one of the best mobile app development company.

Native App Dev

With expertise in Android Software Development Kit (SDK), Location-based Service APIs, Android Security Architecture, WiFi APIs, Android Media APIs, 3D graphics, OpenGL, and other technologies, we are equipped to develop custom and native android apps.

UI UX First

We understand the necessity of a good design: UX for excellent user experience and retention, and UI for gratification and engagement. When you come to us with an idea, we ensure the design process is solid, before attempting to develop.

Idea to Store

We are a web and mobile app development company who walk with our clients right from ideation to release on the playstore. Our belief as mobile app developers is in providing a holistic service that produces brilliants products.

Robust Yet Easy to Use

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t simplify your idea, we pack your entire idea into a product that users will love using and will keep coming back to. That is what you should expect from an android app development company.

Conveniently Priced

Companies (especially start-ups) worry about mobile app development cost. Considering the audience base on the android platform, a good product will easily bring in a positive ROI, provided the app is tight. This is where we come in.

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Getafix Technologies is an Android and iPhone app development company based in Bangalore, but serving clients across the globe. has a presence across the globe (across India, US, UK, Germany, Dubai and Singapore). We handle the entire life cycle of the app development – from strategy and ideation, to app UI UX design, prototyping, testing and development. We understand how fragile a mobile user’s attention span is, and ensure speed and ease of use are primary factors when designing.

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