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Mobility & Software Solutions

Why Fintech companies trust us

We at Getafix technologies understand the requirements and complex nature of the fintech industry. The customers expect fast paced and seamless experience while ensuring all data is secure. With this philosophy of usability and security in mind, we design and develop mobile and web applications for our fintech clients. Fintech companies have a lot to gain from digitizing their solutions, and we help them get there. We have extensive experience designing and developing software solutions for fintech companies. Right from UI and UX design to development and testing, we provide an end-to-end service. We specialize in building web and mobile apps for the Fintech space.

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Fintech & Digitaztion

Building bespoke products for Fintech

It’s no secret that a majority of the world’s population communicate and deal digitally, through websites and applications. The financial industry especially  has veered into the digital world, with institutions like banks and insurance companies providing services, products and support digitally. A Fintech company by virtue of their business model need to deliver financial services through technology. Getafix Technologies, a Bangalore based mobile and web app development company, can help you turn your idea into a working product.

Digitizing Finance

We delve into your business and provide solutions to let you serve your customers better through technology. With a robust platform, your customers can access your services seamlessly from anywhere.

Payment Solutions

Cash flow is integral to Fintech companies, and being able to perform these transactions online over their own platform makes service execution extremely easy, reliable and safe.

Cyber Security

Considering the involvement of high amounts of cash, Fintech services, online or off, need to be extremely secure. We incorporate the latest in cyber security solutions to enforce safety.

Cross Device Compatible

A Fintech company’s clients can be tech savvy and work from their phone, or traditionally via a desktop. Either way, we ensure the solution we develop works flawlessly on all devices.

Detail Oriented

Technological solutions can be crudely developed or intricately. We choose the latter in order to set the foundation right & ensure the solution is long lasting.

Design to Release

We provide end-to-end solutions, which means we involve ourselves right from ideation and design to testing and release. Delivering a bug-free platform is our aim.

Why Getafix

For your Fintech application

We have extensive experience working with clients from Fintech. This gives us an innate understanding of the market, the audience, and the technology nuances. Fintech applications need the best of everything – UX, UI, and security. We ensure your application provides an elegant user journey while being aesthetically brilliant and completely secure. Our past products include loan aggregators, e-wallets, fund transfer applications, etc.

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Here's How We Do It

Research & Discovery

The first step in building your Fintech application is to understand your business goals, the market and the target audience. We perform this research and create user personas in the research & discovery phase.

Innovative Solutions

Technology as we know it has evolved today. There are solutions like AI & ML that can enhance your Fintech app exponentially. Our expertise & experience in the tech business helps us incorporate modern tech into your app.

Insight Driven UI and UX

With the research done in discovery, we are able to draw the ideal user journey (UX) and design aesthetics (UI) that will increase user engagement, retention, and foster growth. Your app will be designed for your audience.

Performance Driven Code

The performance of Fintech apps has to be exceptional. users expect fast loads with seamless flow. We achieve exactly that by selecting the right tech stack and programming for performance.

Excellent Quality

With UX and UI designed for your target audience and the performance tweaked to max, your Fintech application will be of the utmost of quality, not on par but beyond industry standards.

Ideation to Launch

We become your technology partners right from ideation to launch. Having understood your business model, we ensure your business and out tech team are working hand-in-hand.

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Getafix Technologies is based out of Bangalore and caters to clients across the globe. With a formidable team of experts and over 15 years of collective experience, we have developed a keen sense of what exactly clicks with retail customers. We use this experience and expertise to develop stunning mobile and web applications for our retail customers. We focus on designing exceptional UI and UX so that the resulting solutions is easy to use with brilliant aesthetics, ensuring your customers keep returning to make purchases.

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