AI is Transforming the Insurance Industry [Here’s How You Can Benefit]

AI for insurance

Technology is an everchanging, ever-evolving field. AI in particular has grown over the years from a concept to an everyday solution in the form of NLP enabled chatbots, voice controlled appliances, smart homes, self-driving cars, etc. While some industries like IT and retail have been quick to incorporate AI solutions, others like the insurance industry […]

5 Examples of AI in Healthcare [& Why You Need It]

5 Examples of AI in Healthcare [& Why You Need It]

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming an important part of healthcare. The size of the Health AI market which was $600M in 2014 is projected to rise to $6.6B by 2021 according to research by Accenture. That is a growth of nearly 1000%! AI based technology is helping healthcare in activities right from consultation to recovery. […]

Improve Operational Efficiency in the Construction Industry with Digital Transformation

In India, the construction industry is one of the biggest industries that creates several jobs across various sectors. The industry creates a flow of resources with strong linkages to industries like cement, steel, chemicals, paints, tiles, etc., the sector serves as one of the strongest propellers of private sector involvement in the country’s built environment. […]

Case Study: How Getafix’s HRMS Solution Solved HR Challenges for a Recruitment & Training Agency

Abstract:  This case study provides an overview for an organisation from any sector that faces challenges in organising and managing their administrative processes that may be scattered across different platforms.  We created a solution that helped streamline, organise and manage processes and data more efficiently.  Client Profile: Our client provides outsourced HR solutions, from recruiting […]

Chatbots vs Personal Customer Support [What’s right for you]

Chatbots vs Personal Customer Support [What's right for you]

As customers, we are used to conversing with bots when we call/message the customer support of any brand. In fact, we expect to first come in contact with a bot. As customers, I’m sure we have all also faced situations where we needed urgent support but got stuck playing merry-go-round with an automated system (call […]

How to Build a Highly Effective E-commerce Platform

There’s no question that the e-commerce industry is booming. While online purchases might have stalled during the pandemic, digital shopping is once again getting back to its former peak, while the number of buyers might actually be increasing. What this surge in online buyers has caused, is massive competition among e-commerce platforms. Buyers have numerous […]

Why It’s The Right Time to Outsource Technology Talents

The technology sector is in a complicated situation since the pandemic. Companies have an urgent need to incorporate modern tech solutions and develop business applications because they greatly improve service and product delivery capabilities while reducing costs, but companies are unable to shell out the initial budget needed to build an IT team to get […]

The Hype Around ‘Dark Mode’ For Apps

It’s not a new trend, but you might have heard of apps releasing a new ‘Dark Mode’ version recently. Facebook did it, Twitter did it, and many apps are following suit. What’s the reason behind this trend and should you consider it for your business app? 1. Majority of mobile phone users check their phone […]

4 Ways To Ensure Your Mobile App is Brilliant

4 Ways To Ensure Your Mobile App is Brilliant-01

There’s no debate as to why a business needs a mobile application. We ourselves have covered this discussion at length. Just to give you some insights, take a look at these stats: Number of smartphone users worldwide in 2019 – 3.2 billion. (Source) Website traffic generated through mobile phones in 2019 – 56%. (Source) Number […]

Mobile App Trends of Today [For Increased CX & Engagement]

Mobile App Trends of Today [For Increased CX & Engagement]-01

1. Smarter apps powered by technology like ML, AI and IoT A major part of great CX is ease of use. The easier your app is to use, the more a user likes it. Putting this in another way, an app that does all the heavy lifting while reducing the user’s effort will be preferred. […]