AI is Transforming the Insurance Industry [Here’s How You Can Benefit]

AI for insurance

Technology is an everchanging, ever-evolving field. AI in particular has grown over the years from a concept to an everyday solution in the form of NLP enabled chatbots, voice controlled appliances, smart homes, self-driving cars, etc. While some industries like IT and retail have been quick to incorporate AI solutions, others like the insurance industry […]

Features That Make Payment Apps Like Paytm & PayPal Successful

features that make payment apps Successful

How Successful Are These Payment Apps, And Is There Scope For New Apps Payment facilitators and mobile wallets are one of the most used mobile applications today. While digital transactions were more or less prevalent globally, the demonetization in November of 2016 catalyzed digitization in the finance sector in India. Brands like Paytm and PhonePe […]

Digitize Your Fintech Services | The 4 Important Rules

fintech app development

Editor’s Note: We are a web app and mobile app development company with expertise in the Fintech and BFSI (Banking, Financial Services and Insurance) domain. The following article is based on experiential work. If you have suggestions, questions, or want to have a discussion, please drop us a message. Is a Web/Mobile App Useful For […]

5 Fintech Trends to Watch Out For in 2020

Fintech trends for 2020

The Marriage of Finance to Technology The infusion of technology in the finance sector is probably one of the best outcomes of the tech wave. Digitizing financial services has been a boon both for the consumer, and financial institutes. Did you know, in 2019 alone, the total transaction value of digital payments was US$4,137,523 million! […]

5 Ways AI is Being Used in Fintech Today [Resulting in Happier Customers]

AI in Fintech

The Fintech industry is synonymous with technical innovation. Of course, since it has ‘tech’ in its very name. Taking a step back, what is ‘Fintech’? It is the combination of finance and technology, the delivery of financial services through modern, technical solutions. While the infusion of tech and finance is not very young: we are […]

Designing For FinTech | 4 UI/UX Rules

designing for fintech 4 ui ux rules

People today are exposed to hundreds of visual cues in a day. We, after all, live in the social media age. When a potential client or customer is experiencing so many visual designs in a day, how do you make sure your business stands out? How do you capture attention, arouse curiosity, pique interest and […]