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Analyse the vast amounts of data going to waste - with AI, Visualisations and Dashboards made for your specific needs.

Success is a lot closer with Data on your side

Put your organisational data to work within weeks – for precise predictions and decision making.

At Getafix technologies, is been our driving factor to find ways we can help as many enterprises extract the maximum value from their existing investments. Data is a prime example of that investment, which any modern company has a treasure trove of. With Big Data technologies having matured over the past couple of years, time is ripe for AI and Data Analytics to come together and help you extract as much intelligence as you can – to help you run your business better, more optimally and in the right direction.


That’s where we come in.

Visualisations & Dashboards

Custom dashboards that deliver easy-to-understand information while managing to capture complex, critical information through the use of charts, graphs and more forms the heart of any good data analytics success story. And that is exactly we offer you in this engagement.

Data Strategy

Strategy can be the most important part of your journey to becoming a data-driven organisation. Along with the right talent, we provide you with Data Strategists solving the problem of “How should we go about it” for you.

Third-party platforms

With multiple platforms available for use – choosing the right one and integrating it with your organization seamlessly becomes crucial. We integrate a choice of your third-party platform with your enterprise data through custom APIs built to be fast and scalable.

We offer our clients:

Financial Analytics

  • Financial risk forecasting
  • Budgeting
  • Revenue, expenses and profitability monitoring

Customer Analytics

  • Behavioural prediction modeling
  • Customer segmentation
  • Sentiment analysis

Supply-chain Analytics

  • Route optimization
  • Demand forecasting
  • Inventory management
  • Risk management
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • End point data analysis (IoT)

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Getafix Technologies provides you with the top 10% talent within days – you avoid the overheads and mitigate your risks. We ensure your product is built to suit your business and its processes. Through careful screening, we will provide a solution that works for you in the long run, and adds to your bottom line from the get go.

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