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We are Getafix, a technology company aligned towards helping Fintech companies achieve digitalization. As a Fintech consultant, we work not as an outsourced entity, but more as technology partners. We work in congruence with your business vision and goals, ensuring the tech solutions we provide are in parallel with your business processes. 

With over 15 years of collective as a financial software development company, we have worked with both national and international brands, providing solutions such as lending apps, loan aggregators, neo-banking apps, and more. 

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Digitizing Your Business

Technology has advanced 10 fold in the last few years. Modern tech like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enable businesses to exponentially reduce operation time and costs while increasing efficiency and output.

But unlike other industries, Fintech companies face greater challenges owing to the fact that they deal with customer finances. That is where technology experts like us come in.

Our expertise as a Fintech software development company gives you the assurance that all your checkboxes: security, performance, CX, etc are taken care of.

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How We Can Help

Mobile & Web Apps

Digitization starts with the customer. We help you get off the ground with high-performing mobile and web applications so your customers become a part of your digital journey.

Payment Solutions

Fintech software development demands the security of customer finances. Our experience in this domain helps us build you a completely secure payment management system.

Cyber Security

Ensuring the security of all your digital assets: front-end applications, back-end technology stacks, business process automation, etc is something we obsess over as tech partners.

Cross Device Compatible

A Fintech company’s clients can be tech savvy and work from their phone, or traditionally via a desktop. Either way, we ensure the solution we develop works flawlessly on all devices.

Detail Oriented

We believe in developing a long-lasting foundation with room for modernization. Having studied your business and audience in detail, we build a technology solution that works for everyone.

Design to Release

We provide end-to-end solutions, which means we involve ourselves right from ideation and design to testing and release. Delivering a bug-free platform is our aim.

Recent Products

Mobile Loan Management System

Mobile Loan Management System

Finex is a US based technology company which provides digital payment, lending, and finance services through partnerships with global fintech companies, businesses, and banks.

Getafix Technologies works with Finex US to build, implement, and integrate complete end-to-end loan management systems, origination, and peer-to peer marketplaces on Salesforce.

Solutions Provided: Algorithm Design, Salesforce Development, API Design & Development.

Analytics Module For Fintech App

Analytics Module for Fintech App

Finch is an Australian financial technology platform that collates billions of transactional, behavioural and social data to provide users with a finance solution to pay friends, manage group expenses, and track social spending, all from one sleek app.

Getafix Technologies designed and developed the analytics and backend module with an iOS and Android dashboard, and integrated the application with a data aggregator.

Solutions Provided: Analytics Engine, Integrations, Dashboard Development.

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