Building An On-demand App Like Urbanclap (Urban Company)

Building An On-demand App Like Urbanclap (Urban Company)

What Is Urbanclap?

Urbanclap (now called Urban Company) is a platform that consumers can use to connect to professional start-ups and small business service providers. 

A user can simply search for a service, enter their location, check the pricing and book an appointment to avail the service. 

It’s one of the best ways a small business can reach a large local audience looking for services. 

It was established in 2014 and by 2019, its revenue reached $17million. UrbanClap’s annual revenue was mere $1.7million in 2017 and since then it has just grown. It has received a total funding of $110million. They are India’s and UAE’s largest at-home services provider. 

Some services include but are not limited to: 

Home Cleaning & Repair:                               

  • Geyser/Water Heater Repair
  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • Washing Machine
  • Carpenter
  • TV and Freeze
  • Home Deep Cleaning

Shifting Home (prior services as UrbanClap):

  • Packers and movers
  • Pest control
  • Home Cleaning
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen 
  • Sofa
  • Carpet
  • Water Tank

Wedding Services (prior services as UrbanClap):

  • Wedding Photography
  • Bridal Makeup
  • Pre-wedding Photoshoot
  • Wedding Planner
  • Pre-bridal Beauty Package

Tutors and Lessons (prior services as UrbanClap):

  • Mathematics Tutor
  • Home Tutor
  • English Tutor
  • Commerce Tutor

Home Design and Construction (prior services as UrbanClap):

  • Interior
  • Architect
  • Modular Kitchen
  • Painters
  • CCTV Cameras

Party and Event Services (prior services as UrbanClap):

  • Birthday Party
  • Event Photography
  • Party Makeup Artist

Business (prior services as UrbanClap):

  • Web Designer & Developer
  • CA for Small Business
  • Lawyer
  • CA for Tax Registration

What Is Urbanclap’s Business Model

UrbanClap has a pretty simple business model. The platform connects users to various day-to-day service-based vendors like electricians, house cleaning, fitness etc. 

1. Commission: 85% of the revenue that UrbanClap generates, comes from this model.

UrbanClap acts as a middle man and connects consumers to service providers. The professional workers/vendors have to pay a certain amount of commission for every job they get via the UrbanClap platform. 

The platform is designed so that consumers can easily find professional vendors for a service they are looking for. For different types and categories of work a different commission is charged.  

The more work that is completed by the professionals, the more money UrbanClap will earn.

2. Lead Generation: In addition to the commission based model – UrbanClap uses Lead Generation model to make a profit. 

Professionals are charged once they get leads from UrbanClap. Once the customer chooses the service, UrbanClap will charge the professional and the customer for the lead generation.

How Urbanclap Works

One major factor that impacts businesses today is trust – users are concerned about finding a professional service that is worth the money they are investing. 

UrbanClap addresses this loophole – they have created a trustworthy platform where vendors/services providers have to maintain a certain standard and have to be professionally trained. This way, users can trust the service they are availing.

Customer End: At the customer end – a user can use the app to find any professional service they are looking for. 

  • A user downloads the app – can select the service based on their requirement.
  • Once the service is selected – the user can view details about the service 
  • Once a service is selected the user can schedule a date and time for the service 
  • The app gives the user multiple payment options 
  • It also collects data on user experience. 

Service Provider/Professional End: A service provider or vendor has to undergo intensive training if they want to get registered on the platform. 

  • When a consumer chooses a service – a notification is sent to the service provider. The request may be accepted or rejected 
  • If the service provider accepts the request – the user is notified and the service can be availed.

What kind of Features you need to consider 

Features for Service Providers

#1 Sign-up and Log-in: A service provider/vendor should be able to register by creating a profile. They can then log-in by using their username and password. UrbanClap also allows Gmail ID’s and other social media handles for log-in options. 

#2 Profile Building: Service providers need to be able to create a dedicated page where they list their services. On the front end – a user will be able to view the information and review the profile, ratings and feedback. 

#3 Charges: The service provider has to have the provision to set their service charges so the user can see it on the front end on the service providers profile. 

#4 Availability for Service: A service provider should be able to choose when they wish to carry out the service and deliver their offering. 

For example, a salon service might have several bookings and the service provider has to create slots for the customer to choose from. 

#5 In-app Chatbot: UrbanClap has a chat feature integrated in the app that helps service providers and customers to connect and converse or discuss any queries. 

You can create a similar feature to give your customers 24*7 assistance. 

#6 Managing Payments: The service provider will have access to manage the payments received via the app. This will help monitor and track incoming payments, outgoing payments and commission. 

#7 GPS: Enabling a GPS navigation feature on the app helps service providers to reach their customer locations conveniently.

Features for Admin:

#1 Dashboards: A unified dashboard will allow admins to monitor and track all analytical information in a single place. 

#2 Content Management System Integration: CMS is essential for on-demand apps. The integration of CMS allows admins to manage the content delivery from a single platform effortlessly. 

#3 Customer Relationship Management System Integration: A CRM will help collect data that can be analysed and used to determine business strategies to increase customer acquisition and retention. 

#4 Record Management System Integration: A RMS is essential for a service delivery app as it is an efficient way to create, delete and maintain important data that is captured on the app. 

#5 Viewing Customer & Service Provider Profiles: A Admin has full authority over the profile. An admin has the authority to ban or suspend profiles if they identify any fraudulent activity. 

#6 Data Back-up & Restoration: You need to have a dedicated data back-up and restore options to ensure data on the app is safe and secure. 

#7 Set Ads and Promotions: To run ads and promotional campaigns, a feature that can manage it all from the app’s platform can be really time-saving.

#8 Sales Analytics: You need robust sales analytics functionality that allows you to evaluate and assess all data to generate reports to plan your business strategies. 

How Much Does It Cost And How Much Time Does It Take?

When building an app – the price of building is determined by various factors like: what features you want to incorporate into the app, what the different functions of the app will be. 

On an average to build an app like UrbanClap, it can cost anything between $15,000-$30,000 and can take up to 8-12 weeks based on the requirements, features and platform compatibility. 

Benefits Of Being Available On A App

#1 Target Audience: Local service providers like UrbanClap are able to target local users and provide quick services. These types of apps not only fulfill the users demand promptly but also give local vendors fruitful benefits of increasing their reach. 

#2 Creating personalised services: If you build an app for your service you can offer more personalized and custom solutions to your customers. This helps in retaining your user as your service will be at the tip of their fingers and there are no delays in being able to avail your service. 

#3 Building a Network: Building a custom app is a great way to build a network with clients as you are easily accessible. You can create loyalty programs and referrals to encourage users to refer their family and friends. 

#4 Time-Saving: For on-demand services a crucial feature is to create a platform that saves users time and money by removing the hassle of searching for various services online, reading the reviews and testimonials on different sites etc. 

UrbanCompany (UrbanClap) has handpicked service providers who are verified before being listed. 

#5 User-Friendly: An app must be user friendly and have seamless design. How well the user interface is designed will influence how well you retain a user. By getting a custom app built – you can incorporate features that make the usage of your app effortless for the user. 

For example, you can create multiple payment options for your customer with built in digital payment apps, net banks and others. 

#6 Advertisements on the App: Once you have a well established network, you can create advertisements on the app. You can also create a monetary benefit for your app by creating a ‘featured’ section where a service provider/professional is charged to have their profile listed under that section. 

As a business when you decide to build a on-demand app or even a custom app for your services, its essential that you clearly identify a problem which will be resolved by your app. 

Your idea should provide solutions to a problem and give tangible benefits to your customer. 

Covid-19 has giganticly influenced the evolution of being online and has created an urgency for businesses to transform digitally. Whether you are in the clothing, transportation, nutrition, growth, plumbing, electrical assignments, outfitting, basic food products, cleaning, protection, planting, etc, building your digital presence and hiring experts to create your presence is a necessity. 
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