Case Study: How Getafix’s HRMS Solution Solved HR Challenges for a Recruitment & Training Agency


This case study provides an overview for an organisation from any sector that faces challenges in organising and managing their administrative processes that may be scattered across different platforms. 

We created a solution that helped streamline, organise and manage processes and data more efficiently. 

Client Profile:

Our client provides outsourced HR solutions, from recruiting to training and development. They specialize in corporate training tailor made for categories of companies. From, IT companies, Banks, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing to oil and gas. 

The company trains over 100,000 working professionals each year and has a pool of 2000 trainers. Not only do they have a PAN India presence but also have overseas offices in Singapore and Chicago.

Need Analysis:

The need arises for any organisation when an organisation expands and has to grow. With growth comes the need to be efficient in process management.

For our client, the recruitment and training process was a collection of excel sheets to organise candidate applications and subsequent recruitment operations. This method made data tracking tedious and populated the team’s inboxes with resumes and other important documents pouring in. This resulted in a decentralised and chaotic system. 

As a result, the team could not:

  1. Access the resumes on one central platform in a consistent format. 
  2. It was difficult to track progress and view the candidate’s advancements. 
  3. Data such as resumes, client information, agreements were scattered across several excel sheets. 
  4. Data would constantly need to be filtered to locate one particular candidate. 
  5. Documents were spread across several folders, making it difficult to track if a mandatory document such a KYC file was uploaded. 

For any business that handles large volumes of data, it becomes essential to have a clear overview of the entire pipeline. 

It is easier to assess overall progress when there is visual representation, a single platform and dashboard from where all the data can be consolidated and tracked. 


Our client needed a centralised platform that would allow them to efficiently track, collect and maintain candidate data for various job roles and companies. They required a system which would solve majorly for the following problems: 

  1. Centralization of data: The use of excel sheets created data silos which, for an organization managing multiple clients with multiple job openings each, became difficult to manage.
  2. Tracking: With several people on the team, tracking was difficult when large volumes of candidate applications could not viewed on a single platform. 
  3. Visual Progress: Without a tracking system in place, there was no way to get an overall overview of the progress of the candidate’s status in the pipeline (Have they been hired? Did they accept the offer letter? Did they get rejected? etc).
  4. Client database: Client documents and updates were also maintained independently vs being available in one place. This created another loophole where it was a challenge to constantly stay updated on the requirements of a particular client. 


To solve these specific problems, we created a system that would allow the client to efficiently track all their candidates and also their client requirements all in one place. 

The system also allows them to store documents all in one place vs having several Drive folders.

  1. Pipeline to move candidate application: On log in, the system gives an overview of all candidate information, as per their current status in the hiring pipeline.
  1. Data collection, tracking and storage: Each hiring job and candidate can be separately managed and tracked within the system. Information pertaining to all current and past employees can be stored, managed and tracked via the system.
  1. Visual status and summary on dashboard: The status of the progress can be viewed on the dashboard through a simple pie chart that updates automatically based on daily activity.  
  1. Reports progress: Detailed reports can be generated to view overall details on a specific data set such as, number of people hired for company X or status of resignations for company Y. 
  1. Client database: Employee, client, vendor and project agreements can be stored,tracked and deployed via the system.
  1. Centralised tracking and data storage: Information pertaining to all current and past employees can be stored, managed and tracked via the system.


  1. Improved efficiency: The team is now able to focus on more strategic issues vs being bogged down by data entry into several excel sheets and uploading documents into drive folders. 
  2. Improved productivity: Automating processes reduced the chances of human error to a bare minimum.
  3. Improved decision making and transparency: The team can now run and create various reports that ensures the HR and the Senior Level management can all retrieve information at any time. 
  4. Improved Process management:  All necessary HR processes such as employee on-boarding and off-boarding, candidate portfolio management and approval workflows can now be performed easily on a centralized platform. 
  5. Disaster Recovery: Data is backed up and can be restored immediately, ensuring workflow is not impacted. 
  6. Real-time data analysis: As candidate applications move through the pipeline, tracking and analysis happens in real time, thus allowing for progress to be viewed at the end of each day/week.
  7. Centralised system: Our client now enjoys a one centralized platform to manage all information along with related assets.Not only can our client track the candidate pipeline and progress, but also maintain a record of its own clients on a single platform.

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