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Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is Salesforce’s AI solution, a Smart CRM Assistant. Salesforce Einstein allows organizations to incorporate Artificial Intelligence into their CRM (new or existing) solution. To understand how Salesforce Einstein can help, it’s important to first understand how AI can help (because it is these features and benefits of AI that are dispensed by Salesforce Einstein). Here’s a real quick and succinct explanation of the benefits of AI:

  • AI analyzes past data to make personalized recommendations and intelligent search results.
  • AI provides automation capabilities that reduce execution time and errors, and increase efficiency.
  • AI can be ‘enabled’, which means organizations can leverage its benefits through existing infrastructure and software (depending on the solution and existing assets).

This is of course an extremely simplified overview of the benefits of AI, but it’s enough. We published an article earlier that will give you a deeper understanding of the benefits of AI, if you’re interested: 3 Areas of AI Your Organization Needs to Tap Into, Today!

AI Smart Assistants

One important use and result of artificial intelligence, is smart assistants. Think Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa. These smart or virtual assistants provide a multitude of features, and as you interact with them they are able to ‘learn’ and provide personalized answers or solutions. This is made possible through AI. 

Smart assistants don’t need to be voice-enabled personal tools, they can be online or digital bots (like a chatbot) and can be used by agencies for professional uses as well. The underlying benefit is the ability to trigger tasks by learning from historical data.

Salesforce Einstein

Now that you understand how AI is beneficial, and what smart assistants (powered by AI) are, we can explain what Salesforce Einstein is and how you can leverage it for improved services.

What is Salesforce Einstein

It is a Smart CRM Assistant that integrates with Salesforce CRM solution to elevate benefits of the CRM tools:

  • Analyse collected data to provide actionable insights.
  • Provide predictive analysis from existing data for any Salesforce field or object.
  • Provide actionable suggestions for predictions.
  • Automation of repetitive tasks. It can be used to easily build, train, and deploy custom bots.
  • Apps can enabled with image recognition and can leverage deep learning models to recognize a product or the brand.
  • Sentiment analysis capabilities.
  • Can be used without coding.

Where can Salesforce Einstein be Used?

It’s important to understand the basics of what Salesforce is and can do before you proceed because Salesforce Einstein is added on top of the existing Salesforce CRM. We have you covered, check out this detailed article we published: All You Need to Know About Salesforce [Top FAQs].

Getting back to the topic at hand, Salesforce Einstein can be used across Salesforce’s CRM solutions (read the article pinned above to fully understand these areas of Salesforce):

SalesSales Cloud Einstein – This module helps sales teams by analyzing past data to predict the conversion probability of leads and provides intuitive suggestions. It can be used to identify areas for business development to improve conversion rates.

Customer ServiceService Cloud Einstein – Provides real-time omni-channel insights (like agent availability, queues and wait times) which coupled with AI-powered analytics helps propel productivity and customer satisfaction. Can be used to automate case routing, case escalation, etc.

Marketing and AnalyticsMarketing and Analytics Cloud Einstein – Provides analytics actionable insights that predict outcomes, provide recommendations, and more. Dashboards and visuals can be set (using easily customizable templates, third-party apps, or custom-built dashboards) to collate all data into easy to interpret reports.

Community Cloud – Community Cloud Einstein – Salesforce Einstein improves the community cloud module by improving search and result data. It helps provide the best information, faster, based on past interactions and historical data, and better suggestions to topics, community members, groups, and resources.

Big Data & IoTIoT Cloud Einstein – data collected from different operations can be captured, filtered and used to respond to events occurring in real-time.

What are the Benefits of Salesforce Einstein?

  1. Analyze business data to find opportunities for business and revenue growth.
  2. Identify patterns and trends from data to get actionable insights.
  3. Get a clear view of your customers’ needs, demands, likes and dislikes.
  4. Embed AI-powered assistance right where it’s needed.
  5. Predict business outcomes, such as churn or lifetime value.
  6. Deliver proven recommendations to employees and customers, right in the apps where they work. 
  7. Define recommendations, create action strategies, build predictive models, display recommendations, and activate automation.
  8. Increase efficiency with AI-powered advice displayed right where your employees work.
  9. Automatically capture and log critical customer data like contact info, email threads, calendar events, social data, and more.
  10. Resolve support cases faster using AI chatbots.
  11. Automate workflows for increased efficiency.

OK Great, But it Sounds Like You Gotta Be Einstein to Use This Technology

Implementing Salesforce Einstein needs professional services, using it however is easy and all you need is training from your Salesforce developer. That’s where we, Salesforce consultants and implementation partners come in. Check out our Salesforce Services, and get in touch for a consult.

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