Here’s 5 Ways How Your Organization Can Usher in Digitization With DevOps

5 ways how your organization can usher in digitization with devops

‘Digital Transformation’ is a popularly used buzzword these days, and rightly so considering the rapid pace with which technology is up-scaling. Digital Transformation for a company means staying on-par with current technology and innovation, for personal growth and to stay in competition. Technological growth can come on multiple forms and affect different segments of a company. In this article, we’d like to talk about how an organization can undergo digital transformation through DevOps.

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1. Fix the process, then transform it

Here’s an interesting quote I read in a DOES (DevOps Enterprise Summit) article:

‘Do not automate a bad process, you end up with an automated bad process’

Before you can turn to digitizing processes within your organization, analyze if the processes are broken. Throwing tools and technology at a process that isn’t optimized will give you a digitized solution, but not an optimal one. Are the right resources being used? Are the resources being used optimally? Is the process flow agile? Can execution time effort be reduced? These are some questions you need to answer in order to understand if the business process needs fixing.

2. Automation is the key to optimization

Automation is probably one of the best tools in reducing manual effort, execution time, and human error, and increasing precision. By automating redundant tasks you are freeing employees to focus on more pressing activities, and also reducing work load at the same time. Automation also increases efficiency of the process by eliminating human prone errors. Automate as many process and tasks as possible within your organization.

3. A lesson on ownership by Amazon CTO Werner Vogels – “You build it. You run it.”

Development and Operations, when an organization is digitizing itself, should go hand in hand. Ideally, as Werner Vogels says, should be executed by the same team. Assigning ownership of projects to a team to design, develop, execute AND run gives them a sense of responsibility, and brings in an element of precision to the project.

4. Don’t rush, first get a solution on paper, then digitize it

Yes, there are numerous tools out there that seem like the perfect solution to a problem or process optimization task. But, it isn’t about the tool, it is about the solution. Don’t digitize an element because you ‘have to’, first analyze what is needed, what purpose does it solve, what is the best way to achieve it, can it be coupled with another process, etc.

5. Make security your number one priority

Digitizing, while vastly effective in improving a company’s productivity, also adds an element of vulnerability. Cyber crimes are rampant and an organization has to be extremely vary of security. Ensuring thorough testing and putting safety measures, firewalls, antivirus screens, etc. is imperative through every step of the way.


Digitization is not just necessary, it is mandatory for organizations to survive today. Technology like AI, NLP, RPA and ML are revolutionizing business processes by taking over redundant tasks, bringing down operation time exponentially, and eliminating human prone errors to make precision extremely high.

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