How IoT Is Impacting Mobile App Development

How IoT Is Impacting Mobile App Development

Anyone not living under a rock has definitely heard the term ‘IoT’. IoT stands for Internet of Things, and in many ways it is set to be the ultimate technological implementation. What IoT is, in simple words, is the interconnection of all technological devices with access to the internet, via the internet. Your mobile phone is connected to your smart refrigerator which is connected to the smart lights, you get the picture.

On a grander scale, it could mean the interconnection of devices on a public level. A person in traffic could have their phone connected to the IoT network and transmit data to the traffic department which can collate such data sent from multiple devices to generate a traffic congestion report. The possibilities are limitless.

With that being the impact of IoT in a general sense, let’s look at how IoT impacts mobile applications.

Has the Ability to Greatly Improve User Experience

Apps with IoT technology can enhance a user’s experience, helping a business improve CX and also stay connected with the user on multiple levels. When building a mobile app, developers can incorporate interconnection between a phone, a smart watch, a computer, and even a smart home. This would mean the user can access the apps features from multiple devices which transmit info between each other to improve the user’s experience. 

Consider a fitness app, for example. The app can have a main interface on mobile, where the user can enter workout and nutrition data. Using IoT, the smart watch can be synced with the mobile app and data collected, like heart rate and sleep cycles can be transmitted back to the app to help the user understand more about their lifestyle and health.

Open Source is the Way to Go

Since IoT involves any device that can connect to the internet, mobile developers have to think about building open source apps, or apps that have options for integration. One app can be accessed via numerous options: mobile, smart watch, VR devices, TVs, etc. A company releasing a mobile app will have to consider that fact that VR developers could enhance the app and improve its features, and so keep it open source or at least open to integration.

Creates a Unique Selling Point

For businesses, owning an IoT enabled application is definitely a USP. Consumers today are aware of the different technological devices at their disposal, and they want (or desire) an immersive experience with every product they use. Building a mobile application that has the capability to connect with multiple technologies and devices (via IoT) will definitely be an attraction for your customers.

Looking to Develop a Mobile App with IoT?

IoT is no doubt going to continue to become a part of our day-to-day lives. Enabling your brand with the features of IoT will take you ahead of the game. Reach out to us to know more about how your business can launch an IoT enabled mobile application.

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