Improve Operational Efficiency in the Construction Industry with Digital Transformation

In India, the construction industry is one of the biggest industries that creates several jobs across various sectors. The industry creates a flow of resources with strong linkages to industries like cement, steel, chemicals, paints, tiles, etc., the sector serves as one of the strongest propellers of private sector involvement in the country’s built environment.

Being a high operations and logistics industry it becomes imperative that construction companies start focusing on automating and optimising simple tasks that will ensure completion of tasks on time without quality being compromised, preserve resources and also save costs. 

A mobile app can be equipped with modern tech like AI (artificial intelligence), Augmented & Virtual Reality, Drones, 3D Printing etc., making it the first (and sometimes complete) solution towards digital transformation.

It’s the most simple and affordable tool that can be custom built to suit every need a construction firm may need and there’s an opportunity to build a mobile app to support virtually every construction business requirement. 

Below are 5 overviews on why you should get a Construction Management app. 

  1. Improving communication: 

Improved communication means better productivity, as all updates and important alerts can be taken care of immediately. Mobile apps custom built to your firm will allow supervisors and project managers to overlook several projects on a single platform and take necessary decisions remotely when required. 

A mobile app will not only resolve urgent issues but also be a means to track daily progress of a site. Receiving data in real-time will allow managers to adjust schedules as needed based on the most up to date information. 

As a site and the office are often in different locations, an app will allow onsite supervisors to communicate with the office in a streamlined and efficient approach that improves overall operations, keeping all information about the site up to date. 

  1. Optimizing tracking 

The construction of any building is an ongoing affair till the building is fully ready. Construction businesses require optimized tracking of labour, materials, equipment and progress on the site. All these factors directly impact the resources being utilized and more importantly the money being invested on that site

A mobile app will allow you to not only get real time information, but will also allow you to track every aspect of the project.

For example, equipment is one of the major assets of a construction company. With mobile solutions, it’s easier to track and manage the usage; simply by logging the hours for which the equipment is used and keeping a track of locations it’s put to work at. This improves both planning and use. 

A construction manager in charge of various job sites can monitor progress at multiple sites and can allocate materials to all the job sites in real-time. The ability for construction managers to gather real-time information and monitor multiple job sites through mobile technology can reduce delays in construction progress, incidents and overall project delays.

  1. Better management of field staff

For a project manager overlooking various sites, it becomes essential that they manage each site efficiently. Without mobile technology, the back office has no idea what the field workers are doing. This can lead to a culture with a lack of accountability.

A mobile app will allow managers to: 

  • Track daily activities
  • Track critical information in real time
  • Streamline collaboration between teams in the field and at the office
  • Check on all different tasks from one platform
  • Monitor work:  GPS capabilities built into the app will allow the project managers to       track time spent on-site, as well as keep better time cards that will save on labor costs
  • Receive any alerts from field staff if there is an emergency. 

Construction management apps can help companies improve accountability and bring down the labour costs because workers can even submit their progress by sending photographs from the job-site which improve transparency to management and clients.

  1. Better project management

A construction management app helps reduce project delivery inefficiencies, delays and undesirable events arising from data inaccuracy. 

Images, time trackers, GPS taken on-site provide a transparent and trustworthy sight of the progress of each task. This can be really useful when it comes to delivering accountability to clients or showing evidence of progress in the project. 

  1. Access to more accurate information

Construction companies have to spend a lot of time and resources on data entry. Using a management app will greatly simplify this task. Being able to share information in real-time across the entire team – supervisors, foremen, trades, vendors and subcontractors – helps keep projects on schedule by immediately revealing any problems that might delay construction progress and lead to significant delays.

Furthermore, any documents required by audits or local authorities can be uploaded on the app to have them readily available vs having to look for these important documents in a pile of papers. Plus, you won’t be left wondering if you’re looking at the latest edition of a report. Any updated information from the jobsite will already be available.

Ready to Start?

Mobile apps are revolutionizing the construction industry and their benefits go from improvised communication., equipment handling, better reporting, reduced delays and increased accountability in the field. 

By adopting and making use of the advances in mobile technologies and the development of construction management apps, companies can become more competitive, save time, reduce costs and improve workflow.

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