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mobile application development

Business development in the new ‘Post Covid’ era will be completely different. Over course of this year, many companies have to be on their feet to transform their business to a more accessible digital world. 

The pandemic introduced an urgency for businesses to invest in becoming digitally present on the internet, and the race is not over yet. Though many countries are coming out of the pandemic storm – many are still fighting the virus as it spreads. 

In the new era that has risen, businesses now have to turn their focus to opportunities that the Internet provides. As consumer behaviour continues to evolve, businesses need to adapt their strategy to be ‘where their customers are’. 

10 years ago, investing in an app may not have been a priority when it came to developing a business strategy, but now it’s essential to see that web and mobile development give your business opportunities like: access to common markets, easy communication, consolidated databases, servers and outsourced services

Mobiles are the future, and the future is here. This is a simple truth. As the fastest growing form of communication device, everything from the big organizations to smaller single entity companies need to,now, more than ever, turn their focus on developing applications that help them connect better with their audience.

Mobile and app development for external users 

#1 Increase Customer Engagement

Mobile apps create a channel for your business to keep customers engaged with your brand, you can build and offer unique features that are engaging. 

Apps can prompt both potential and current customers to engage, and continue to engage, with your business. More specifically, they act like gentle reminders that pull your customers back to your business.

An app offers customers more convenient ways to browse, shop and interact with a brand, since it’s easily accessible with information right at their fingertips. As a result, your brand is right in the palm of your customer’s hand. 

As a result – the more often your customers are engaged and interact with your brand, the more inclined they will be to buy your product and/or service.

Furthermore, app and web development creates new horizons and potential business partnerships for your business as you will not only be accessible locally, but to a global audience. 

#2 Direct & Personalised Channel

One significant advantage of web and mobile apps is that they provide businesses with the opportunity to personalise their communications. By leveraging user profile information, companies can engage their customers individually in real-time. 

An app provides brands with the tremendous opportunity to offer a highly personalised user experience and develop deeper relationships with customers. Examples of great personalised apps are apps such as period trackers, fitness and nutrition trackers that create unique real-time information and data for the user. 

This level of personalisation helps businesses attain better outcomes and engagement with the user. 

Brands can leverage personalisation and app-specific features such as geolocation to help make the interactions and user-engagements more relevant. 

Mobile apps will also allow businesses to leverage a direct marketing channel. 

#3 Build Brand Awareness

One of the most important things an mobile app and web development offers to consumers is awareness of and communication with your brand. 

It provides an environment where regular interaction with your target market can foster trust and loyalty. Not to mention, the more frequently a consumer is exposed to your brand across various platforms, the higher their intent to purchase/use your service becomes. 

In today’s competitive world, being present on the internet or via a mobile app is one of the best tools for exponentially enhancing the visibility of your brand. 

#4 Customer Service & Support

Web and mobile application development allow quick and easy communication between you and your customers. 

Your users can use the contacts on your website and write to you 24/7. Based on your product/service and nature of business, you can also integrate chat bots on your website or within the app, this again allows your user to get information or clear any queries they have 24/7. [Chatbots vs Personal Customer Support [What’s right for you]]

It goes without saying: good customer-company feedback is a prerequisite for long-term relationships and increased customer base.

#5 Remain Competitive

With the continued growth of mobile and the ever-evolving consumer behaviour, web and app development for every business has become an expectation. 

Creating a web and app presence is a sure way of staying competitive and securing a strong presence in your industry. 

It has become vital for a business to quickly adapt to current changing times and align their business with the upcoming era of digital transformation. 

If a business doesn’t incorporate this as a part of their business strategy, they are likely to get left behind by their competitors. 

#6 Capture Consumer Insights

Web and mobile app development give companies the unique opportunity to really understand their customers.

More specifically, companies can collect, analyse and leverage customer data. By capturing information such as customer preferences and behaviour a brand can revisit the marketing strategy with invaluable consumer insights. 

Understanding user motives, the most popular features or pathways, and who your users are can help you make the right strategic decisions to focus your marketing efforts in the right place. 

While these are some of many boons of mobile app and development to engage external users, it’s important to note that the possibilities do not end there. 

Mobile and app development for internal users

As the world has gone remote and many companies are working from home, there are some ways in which a company can benefit by integrating web and mobile development internally. 

Improve the work process for employees

Web and mobile application development contributes significantly to the work efficiency of most companies and reduces the cost of various labor intensive activities previously performed by the employees.


Employees may need access to data that they may have depended on from other sources at the workplace, by creating a common web or mobile platform, employees can continue to work from home with the necessary information/data they may need. 

Efficient communication

Daily meetings and stand-ups are something we are sure many miss! Now with the team being remote, various things going on at home, sometimes it becomes a task for teams to coordinate meetings. 

By creating a common place via web and mobile app development, companies can allow their employees to leave important updates or tasks to be approved or checked by higher management. 

Utilising web and mobile technology when it comes to business development, lateral expansion and growth can provide a myriad of benefits and ensure you don’t get left behind in a race to be competitive and adaptive to changing waters.

From increasing customer orders, to improving customer retention and expanding brand awareness, businesses have potential to engage (or continue to engage) with their customers on a more personal and customised level. 

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