Mobile App Trends of Today [For Increased CX & Engagement]

Mobile App Trends of Today [For Increased CX & Engagement]-01

1. Smarter apps powered by technology like ML, AI and IoT

A major part of great CX is ease of use. The easier your app is to use, the more a user likes it. Putting this in another way, an app that does all the heavy lifting while reducing the user’s effort will be preferred. And that’s exactly what technology like AI, ML and IoT does.

You can design your app to perform more while expecting the user to put in less effort, while still providing optimal results. For example, consider a fitness app. In the past, a user had to manually enter their exercise routine and the app would then calculate the amount of calories burnt. But today, IoT can be leveraged to sync a fitness band and the mobile app. The band measures the user’s heart rate and sends this information to the app that calculates calories burnt. ML can be used to study the user’s energy expenditure to create patterns and provide workout/nutrition suggestions. The user gets maximum benefit while having to do little to no work at all.

Tip 1, is to make your mobile app ‘smarter’ so it takes over more tasks reducing the user’s effort.

2. Use immersive technology

Technology like VR, AR, 360 views, etc can be used to provide immersive experience, and it goes a long way in engaging consumers. AR and VR experiences might have started with the gaming industry but today every industry is using them to provide better CX, and for better engagement prior to sales. 

The tourism industry is using AR to present live, augmented apps. The hospitality industry uses VR for entertainment and AR for services. Automobile industry is using VR to provide a realistic driving experience. These are not ‘in-progress’ examples, these are live today.

Enabling ‘Immersive Experience’ might have a higher initial cost, but it is definitely worth it considering the maximized user engagement and satisfaction it provides.

Tip 2, is to enable your mobile apps with AR and/or VR technology (and other immersive tools like 360 degree views).

Integrate wearables with your mobile application

Wearables are all the fad right now, and it’s a fad that is not going away any time soon. Why is the mobile phone so popular? Because it is portable and convenient to use. Guess what’s more portable because it is strapped to you and convenient to use because it is much smaller? That’s right, a wrist watch.

This one might be tricky because most wearables use proprietary technology and only provide company based services. However, major wearables like Apple’s watch allows apps to be downloaded from the App Store.

If your mobile app has features that can be leveraged form a wearable device, you must definitely consider tapping this area.

Tip 3, is to make your app more accessible, by integrating it with wearables.

Final Word

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