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android app development in bangalore

Who We Are

Leading Android app developers in Bangalore

Android powers over 3 billion active phones today, making it the largest audience base. We help you take your idea, brand, services and products top this massive audience through a high performing Android application. We are Getafix, a web and mobile app development company headquartered at Bangalore and serving clients across the globe. We tailor our mobile app development services according to your needs and the market demand. Having delivered Android apps successfully for Fintech, Retail, ECommerce, Healthcare, Banking, Logistics and Edutech domain among many others, we have an innate sense of what the audience is looking for.

We are known as one of the best Android app development companies in Bangalore for a reason. Our development methodology is simple – we understand your audience and your business and bring them together on a sleek, high performing and robust mobile application. The exceptional UI and UX you will receive will increase your brand visibility, enforce user engagement, and ensure user retention. We have previoucly delivered apps for B2B, B2C & B2E businesses.

As technology experts, we have ventured into AI, ML, IoT and wearable technology and this expertise of ours is at your disposal. We build Android apps empowered by artificial intelligence and machine learning, making it more powerful and useful than competitor apps. If you’re looking for Android app development in Bangalore, you have come to the right place.

ios and android app development company in bangalore

Why you need an Android app

Who better to answer this than an Android app development company.

With billions of Android users across the globe, the platform is the right way to take your brand to your target audience. Users today are extremely active on mobile devices, and providing your services/products via a mobile app will help you garner a larger ROI, faster. As Android app developers in Bangalore, we have helped customers grow revenues up to 10x just by digitizing their services via an iOS and Android application.

Needless to say, the competition in the app market much like in business is massive. How do you ensure your app gets maximum visibility, downloads and user retention? By partnering with an Android app development company in Bangalore who has experience delivering high converting applications. AKA, Getafix technologies.

Scope Of Our Android Mobile App Dev Services

Custom App Development

As one of the best Android app development companies in Bangalore, we expertise in building custom apps. We will provide a solution that is unique to your business model and tailored to suit your niche. Every aspect of the app, from UI and UX to the tech stack, will be selected to suit your business.

Native App Development

Our mobile app development services also include native mobile app development for Android and iOS. Using Android OS specific technology, like Objective C for iOS and Java or Kotlin for Android, we will deliver a high performing solution that will work brilliantly on your selected platform.

UI UX First

We ensure your idea and your business goals are being correctly interpreted through UI and messaging that is derived by understanding you target audience. The UX will be tailored to take your prospective user from visitor to a lead/buyer in the minimum number of steps. CX is always our number one priority.

Idea to Store

As proficient Android app developers in Bangalore we follow a hand holding procedure of helping you along every step of the way – from ideation to launch. We involve ourselves right from the conceptualization phase to ensure all teams are in sync. We’re not outsourced app developers, we’re your Android app development partners.

QC and Testing

Having written millions of lines of code, we at Getafix Technologies strive for perfection. This is achieved through strict quality checks and testing before release. When you select us for Android app development in Bangalore, you can rest assured you are partnering with a team that will deliver a near bug-free application.

Conveniently Priced

Android app development cost is often a worry especially for start-ups. our pricing model takes multiple factors into consideration, but above all we love technology and innovation. every project is an opportunity to use technology for the betterment of the world, and our pricing follows this philosophy.

Why Getafix

Simply because we are the best Android app developers in Bangalore

The purpose of your Android app is to digitize your services. The app has to be a part of your brand, synonymous with its business goals and values. Getafix understands this more than anyone else. For us, it’s not about aligning a bunch of code to deliver a result. We make it personal. We understand the scope of your services/products, the range of your audience, their likes and dislikes, the competition in the market, etc and factor in all this study into the product. Personalization of the product is a part of the mobile app development services. The discovery session helps us correctly gauge who the right audience for your service/product is, and it also gives us complete understand of your brand and business model. All of this is applied into building the best possible Android app for you. We are the best Android app development company in Bangalore for a reason.

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Here's How We Do It

Research & Discovery

Knowing who your target audience is, is the key to owning an app that receives massive traffic and engagement. A mediocre app built for the right audience is better than a stellar app targeted at the wrong audience. Through preliminary research and discovery sessions Getafix ensures you get a stellar app targeted at the right audience.

Innovative Solutions

Our expertise branches out, from mobile app development services to building AI enabled image scanners, data analytics systems, Salesforce CRM solutions, and so on. This vast expertise helps us suggest the right set of modern solutions for your application, allowing us to build a high performing machine.

Insight Driven UI and UX

Every step we take is a result of insights deduced from data, or intuition derived from experience. Your iPhone app's UX will be tailored for your audience, taking them from problem to solution in the least number of steps. The UI will be designed to reinforce your brand image and also to ensure engaging aesthetics.

Performance Driven Code

There are numerous programming languages and platforms on which an iOS app can be built today. As one of the best mobile app development agency in India, we know how to select a tech stack that works best for your business and enterprise infrastructure. We build to ensure the highest level of performance.

Excellent Quality

Performance and aesthetics need to be perfectly balanced to ensure maximum impact. We achieve this perfection in quality by using technology that ensures the app will be lightning fast while tweaking the design to be aesthetically brilliant without affecting app performance.

Ideation to Launch

What makes Getafix the best mobile app development company in India is that, by involving ourselves right from the idea conceptualization stage to app delivery, we completely understand the business and the audience. This immersive attitude is what sets us apart.

Our iOS App Development Methodology


↠ Gather requirements
↠ Analyze the business
↠ Analyze the audience
↠ Analyze the domain
↠ Analyze the market


↠ Create user personas
↠ Select technology stack
↠ Select architecture
↠ Select app features
↠ Define branding


↠ Design the wireframe
↠ Design the user flow
↠ Design the visuals


↠ Initial setup
↠ Coding
↠ Integration
↠ MVP build
↠ Product build


↠ MVP release
↠ Staging release


↠ QA testing
↠ User test creation
↠ Manual testing
↠ Automation testing


↠ Deploy to production
↠ Marketplace launch
↠ App store launch
↠ Monitor performance
↠ Product handover


↠ Continued app support
↠ Troubleshooting
↠ Managed Services

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Recent Products

Ai Enabled Image Recognition System

AI enabled image recognition system

LogSoft is a technology company which provides a solution for producers, manufacturers, & businesses in the logistics service industry to book, manage, track & count pallets, crates, containers or any empty reusable transport packaging (RTP).

Getafix designed & developed ‘PackCount’, an image processing module built on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning that counts the number of pallets in an image & transfers this information to the backend ERP solution.

Solutions Provided: UI/UX Design, AI+ML Enabled Image Processing Module, Mobile App.

Lender And Realtor Management

Lender and Realtor Management

Big Purple Dot is an American real estate management software for lenders & realtors with a platform for mortgage lending & CRM.

Getafix Technologies built the Android application, which is the number 1 rated app in Lender and Realtor Management, and a backend standalone credit integration service for the mortgage lending platform that can be plugged to any service or feature within Big Purple Dot’s portfolio to extract details with just a Social Security Number.

Solutions Provided: Restful API Development, Mobile App Development, Stand alone Integrations.

Mobile Loan Management System

Mobile Loan Management System

Finex is a US based technology company which provides digital payment, lending, and finance services through partnerships with global fintech companies, businesses, and banks.

Getafix Technologies works with Finex US to build, implement, and integrate complete end-to-end loan management systems, origination, and peer-to peer marketplaces on Salesforce.

Solutions Provided: Algorithm Design, Salesforce Development, API Design & Development.

Analytics Module For Fintech App

Analytics Module for Fintech App

Finch is an Australian financial technology platform that collates billions of transactional, behavioural and social data to provide users with a finance solution to pay friends, manage group expenses, and track social spending, all from one sleek app.

Getafix Technologies designed and developed the analytics and backend module with an iOS and Android dashboard, and integrated the application with a data aggregator.

Solutions Provided: Analytics Engine, Integrations, Dashboard Development.

Other Services We Provide As A Mobile App Development Company

ios app development company in bangalore

iOS app development company in Bangalore

Taking your brand to every iPhone and iPad

As full stack web and mobile app development company we also provide iOS app development services. We have worked with brands in the Retail, Fintech, Banking, E-Commerce, Healthcare and Logistics industries and delivered high performing iOS applications. Our forte ranges across Objective-C , Swift, Cocoa Touch Framework, and other iOS platforms. 

Artificial Intelligence

AI is today's trending technology, and our AI services enable your mobile app to be integrated with highly capable AI solutions. Whether it is a fully automated chatbot or a voice assistant, Getafix has the expertise and tools to serve.

Machine Learning

Our ML expertise ranges across different areas like deep learning, pattern recognition, artificial neural networks, predictive analytics, mathematical optimization, computational learning theory, and self-optimization.

Data Science

Getafix provides data science solutions to help you derive meaningful insights and analytics from structured and unstructured data silos. We achieve this by building analytics systems that process your data and help you make informed decisions.

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