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Getafix Technologies is a Bangalore, India based web app development company with over 15 years of collective development experience. Our talented web application development team has worked in delivering custom build mobile and web apps for domains like healthcare, banking, retail, fintech, manufacturing, ecommerce, edutech, and telecommunications. You get the advantage of a web app development partner with a wide range of industry experience, which helps us tailor your web app perfectly for your core audience. Getafix is one of the most premiere website and app development companies in Bangalore, and our services are at your disposal.

Custom Solutions

Every business is unique, & so is their audience. Through thorough rounds of discovery & analysis, we define the features of your digital product & user personas, for a custom solution.

Frontend Development

As an experienced web application company, we design and develop the frontend with a UI and UX tailored to promote user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

Backend Development

We build backend administrator  systems according to the business’s day-to-day and long term needs. We choose the tech stack to ensure convenient business administration.

Enterprise Systems

We work with companies towards building single page web apps, desktop apps, multi-page web apps, and also complete enterprise systems for proficient internal business operations.

Web Portals

We also build dynamic web applications and web portals for businesses looking to provide their users with a unified tool to access their services and products.

Industry Specific

Our experience building web apps for industries like healthcare, banking, retail, fintech, manufacturing, ecommerce, edutech, & telecommunications helps us provide niche products.

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Our expertise in building custom web applications has given us the privilege to work with clients in India and in locations across the globe like UK, America, Kuwait, Dubai, Singapore, and Germany. With a team of professional designers,  developers and technology experts, we bring years of web app development skill to the table, ensuring your business gets the best possible version of the web application it needs.


1. When should I consider web application outsourcing?

When you’re looking to launch a web app and you do not have in-house developers or the technical expertise, it’s best to reach out to a professional custom web app development company. We work in unison with your business stakeholders to develop and release a web app that facilitates business and revenue growth.

2. How do I select the right technology for my business web app?

You don’t, that responsibility lies with us as the web application company. based on your business, requirements, and audience, we will suggest the best tech stack and architecture. We provide solutions for a varied range of technologies (php web application development services, for example).

3. Do you only build customer facing web apps?

Not at all. We have built enterprise web applications for clients to unify multiple departments (for example a CRM to facilitate customer movement across business verticals) and also department specific web apps (like an HR portal for simplified hiring, on-boarding and document processing).

3. I am not tech savvy, how do I maintain the app?

Firstly, we build backend admin panels keeping your business needs and convenience in mind. We also provide end-to-end support as a separate service.

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