The Hype Around ‘Dark Mode’ For Apps

It’s not a new trend, but you might have heard of apps releasing a new ‘Dark Mode’ version recently. Facebook did it, Twitter did it, and many apps are following suit.

What’s the reason behind this trend and should you consider it for your business app?

1. Majority of mobile phone users check their phone late into the night and first thing when waking up

This is the primary reason for the dark mode to even exist – for the app to be easy on the eyes when used in the dark. A blog I recently read stated that 80% of smartphone users check their phones within 15 minutes of waking up.

Almost all smartphone users (if you consider millennials and generations after) use their phone in bed at night, when it’s dark. The typical white screen can hurt the eyes when stared at for a prolonged time in the dark, and this can discourage users from even using the app.

Enter, dark mode. By reversing darks and brights, the dark mode makes viewing the app more comfortable and easy on the eye. 9Gag, a meme application, did this years ago.

2. Increases battery life

Modern mobile phone displays (AMOLED, OLED, etc) consume lesser battery power when the brightness of the display is lower, which happens in the case of dark mode. This automatically makes the app more appealing to consumers – they can spend more time on the app without having to charge their phones over and over again.

3. Adds a level of mystery

There’s no doubt that ‘dark’ is mysterious. The dark web, the dark side, well, you get the point. Web and mobile apps build around a dark theme look ‘cooler’ and have an element of mystery to them, which can be extremely appealing. You need to first check if ‘mystery’ is an adjective that suits your business. An insurance company, for example, does not need to project a ‘mysterious’ vibe.

The Downside of the ‘Dark Mode’

There are some drawbacks to building your web/mobile app with a dark theme.

It can be difficult to read during the day or when there is plenty of light. Sometimes reading bright text against a dark background can also be irritating to the eyes. And, like I mentioned earlier, your business model may not be the right fit for a ‘dark’ vibe.

Final Words

The best option is to build an app with the option to switch between classic and dark mode. This gives the user the option to use whichever mode they prefer, taking off the responsibility from your hands.

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