Virtual CTOs: The Technical Prowess at a Fraction of the Cost

Virtual CTO benefits

Putting Virtual CTOs into Perspective

Virtual Machines are extremely popular in today’s tech industry because of the fact that you can pick and choose features that you need, and pay for only those features. You can upgrade or downgrade on the fly with zero to minimal downtime. They are reliable, cost efficient and high performing.

If you’re convinced that virtual machines have immense benefits over traditional servers, you won’t need convincing that hiring a Virtual CTO will definitely be much more beneficial for your business than a full time in-house CTO. To summarize in a sentence, a virtual CTO is the human equivalent of a virtual machine.

What is a Virtual CTO?

The advancement in technology and communication paved the way for the pay-per-service business model, and the concept of a virtual CTO follows this same business principle. A virtual CTO is a technology expert, or a team of technology experts like us at Getafix Technologies, who you hire as the CTO of your company, but only on a need basis. We guide you on key technical decisions, render solutions, and provide support, but only when your business is in need of it. Unlike hiring a CTO for an exorbitant sum of money, you pay virtual CTOs only when a service is provided, and considering we’re a team of experts, our umbrella of expertise covers a much broader technical spectrum than one individual in-house CTO.

This cost efficient availability of a wide range of technical competence makes it easy for startups, small and medium sized businesses, and even large scale companies, to implement and maintain the latest technology in terms of both software and hardware.

Why Your Business Should Consider Hiring a Virtual CTO

There are quite a few technical challenges faced by businesses today. Some affect internal operations, and some that affect your clients’ operations. Both can be bad for business and especially for your brand value.

Your engineering team needs technical support and guidance in order to be proficient. This is essentially the job of a CTO; to be the final point of technical escalation. During business tech upgrades, or BAU issues, a CTO proves to be a crucial and valuable member. But, when operations are moving ahead smoothly, the CTO can turn out to be dispensable. Why not just pay for the technical expertise of a CTO, only when needed?

If you find yourself in the following scenarios, it is definitely time to consider hiring a virtual CTO:

  1. Your daily operations are often interrupted due to technical challenges or issues.
  2. Your clients’ operations are often interrupted due to technical challenges or issues.
  3. You want to avoid facing a downtime due to technical issues, internal or for your clients.
  4. You need the technical expertise but don’t have the funds to hire an in-house CTO.
  5. Your organization is considering a technical upgrade, either virtual or physical.
  6. Your business cannot keep up with the changing technological landscape.

Having operated as Virtual CTOs for multiple companies now, we at Getafix Technologies can list out a host of reasons why your business should consider hiring a virtual CTO, and can list out even more benefits over a traditional full-time CTO.

Benefits of a Virtual CTO Over a Traditional In-House CTO

A virtual CTO definitely brings more value to the table for a much lesser price, and this we can tell you because of our experience providing value as a virtual CTO for multiple companies. To note a few:

  1. We involve ourselves in management communication to help you make right technical decisions.
  2. Plan, test and implement technological solutions.
  3. Provide technical support on a requirement basis.
  4. Available for ad hoc activities and troubleshooting.
  5. Back your in-house engineering team.
  6. Maintain applications and regulate compliance standards.
  7. We help you select technology that your business needs, at the right cost.
  8. Lend our expertise to acquire more clients.

Your organization gains these benefits whenever needed, but needs to pay only when services are rendered. This takes off the burden of paying an individual when the requirement isn’t there, and considering the salaries that CTOs draw today, this is definitely a huge saving.

Still Unsure if a virtual CTO is What You Need? Getafix Technologies Can Help You Decide

A CTO is a top level position, and an important one at that. Filling it is not a decision you can take merely by reading a blog post. That is why we insist on first opening communication channels, understanding how your business operates, what technical expertise we possess, what value we can add to your organization’s growth, and how both your organization and ours can benefit from the synergy.

Reach out to us for a more comprehensive discussion. We’re always open to having fruitful conversations.

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