4 Direct Consequences of Incredible UX Design

4 direct consequences of incredible ux design

In the industry today where interfaces are proliferating, UX design has a critical role to play. UX, as the name suggests, is ‘User Experience’. It is the journey traversed by an app, software, or website visitor, the emotions they feel, and the story they are told. A lot of entrepreneurs and engineers focus on UI, which is definitely important, but pay inadequate attention to UX. The reason being, UI is immediately tangible, through vision. If it looks good, you know it’s good. UX is only felt through experience, which happens much later in the life-cycle of the app or product. This causes builders to postpone, or worse, neglect it’s design.

UX design in itself is an art and a field of production. Designing UX, is determining the flow a user will be projected to when they use your platform, be it an app, a software or a website.

Experience is everything. What do you say when a friend asks you to suggest a restaurant? Try that quaint Italian restaurant, the food is exquisite, we were there last Saturday and we had an incredible EXPERIENCE.

Enough said. Here are the top 4 direct consequences good UX has on your brand:

1. Enhanced User Engagement

A good UX encourages users to explore, which goes a long way to increase engagement. You want your interface and website to invite customers over, not drive them away. User engagement is a crucial aspect in the world of online marketing and website design. This is precisely why a good quality UX design is bound to enhance user engagement as it drives them to feel a connection to your website. When a user understands what they are doing, they are bound to be curious to know more. As they know more, they are tied by a commitment of investment: of time and learning. This ensures they return to your app or website, to continue exploring, or just to experience what they previously did. Great examples are social media apps like Instagram.

2. Increased Conversions

UX also leads to better conversions. This is because it significantly eases things for the users meaning that the total number of steps that users have to carry out is lessened. This makes it easy for users to navigate around a website, which ultimately results in trust. This trust leads to form fills. It is a sad fact that in the present times, many websites are losing out on customers and are essentially driving them away due to their lousy UX designs that are over complicated.

3. More Word of Mouth Referrals

It is also pertinent to note here that UX design can go a long way to increase your business’ word of mouth referrals. People buy experiences, and when they hear other people raving about a new app or website as well as its products and services, they are more likely to try them out. Word of mouth is quite evident today in daily interactions as well as personal conversations on various social media platforms. UX designers understand how important it is to drive social awareness to businesses. UX can do that for you.

4. Enhanced Brand Loyalty

Good user experience is key to building trust in a brand, service, or product. This statement holds true in all aspects of business: online and off. It also helps businesses in building longstanding relationships with its users. This can lead to enjoyable and seamless interactions with users and promote customer activation as well. Therefore, this results in brand loyalty as well as brand recognition. Moreover, good UX helps in not just acquiring new users, but also nurturing the existing ones.


It is quite evident that UX design has an important role to play in the future of your website, software or application. Fortunately for you, Getafix Technologies can provide all the aforementioned points to help you propel growth through incredible UX design. For more details, get in touch with Getafix Technologies at https://getafixtechnologies.com/.

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