Digital Transformation In The Retail Sector – How You Can Benefit

Introduction Covid-19 keeps bringing up new challenges and unexpected surprises for businesses across all sectors. With the discovery of a new mutant strain – the world has been shaken yet again.  This reinforces the urgency for a business to start investing in their digital transformation – especially the retail sector.  While essential services (groceries, grains, […]

Technology Trends That Will Impact Our Lives in 2021

The technology industry is among the fastest growing industries, with tech giants like google fueling money into innovative cutting edge technology development start-ups. The worldwide spending on technology touched the market of 3,360 billion US dollars in 2019.  Emerging technologies are currently responsible for 50 percent of global tech growth including Robotics, AI, AR/VR and […]

Pros & Cons of Buying Off-the-Shelf Software vs Building Your Own Custom Systems

To build or to buy?  In the business and technology world today, software development is crucial for a business looking to gain good efficiency.  Good software systems can help you automate back office processes — from customer relationship management to billing to reporting. This allows businesses to leverage technology and free up their finite labor […]

7 Reasons to Outsource Software Development

Time equals money and the speed at which this time is used equals outcome. Start-ups these days have to be agile and quick to adapt to changing time, trends and technology.  A great example would be the Covid-19 pandemic, many start-ups had to quickly adapt to remote working (work from home) and revisit how they […]

3 Areas of AI Your Organization Needs to Tap Into, Today!

3 areas of ai your organization needs to tap into today

Artificial Intelligence is quite the buzzword these days, and never has there been this much hype about an advancement in innovation except maybe, when electricity was discovered. AI has changed the way we live and work, with advancements like Machine Learning and RPA helping organizations automate redundant and repetitive tasks to boost productivity and efficiency. […]

Here’s 5 Ways How Your Organization Can Usher in Digitization With DevOps

5 ways how your organization can usher in digitization with devops

‘Digital Transformation’ is a popularly used buzzword these days, and rightly so considering the rapid pace with which technology is up-scaling. Digital Transformation for a company means staying on-par with current technology and innovation, for personal growth and to stay in competition. Technological growth can come on multiple forms and affect different segments of a […]

When Should Your Make The Shift From Excel To CRM?

shift from excel to crm

Microsoft Excel is the foundation on which many a businesses run. It can be a simple sheet to list out items, similar to a grocery list, or can actually be an interface for a video game! One very common use of Excel spreadsheets is lead capturing. While lead capturing used to happen manually, today there […]

Developing a New Website? Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose AngularJS

4 reasons why you should choose angularjs for websites

Websites today do more than just give information about your business. They are lead generators, income generators, and in case of e-commerce websites, they are online stores. The demand from websites has also increased in the past decade. Aesthetics was always important, but today, ease of use, UX, speed, structure, SEO, all have become factors […]