Developing a New Website? Here’s 4 Reasons Why You Should Choose AngularJS

4 reasons why you should choose angularjs for websites

Websites today do more than just give information about your business. They are lead generators, income generators, and in case of e-commerce websites, they are online stores. The demand from websites has also increased in the past decade. Aesthetics was always important, but today, ease of use, UX, speed, structure, SEO, all have become factors in judging the quality of a website.

In order to fulfill all these checkmarks, the language or framework you select to build your website on becomes crucial. One framework that has become increasingly popular with developers today is Angular JS. Maintained by Google and an active community, AngularJS is an open source front-end framework based on JavaScript.

The purpose of this article is to give someone who is deciding which framework to build their website on an answer to why AngularJS should be chosen. We have toned down the tech jargon and stuck to the benefits of this wonderful framework.

Why You Should Opt For AngularJS When Building Your Website

Fast Development & Turn Around

AngularJS front end user interface is defined with HTML. The developer requires only JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to build applications/websites making the entire process and file weight considerably small. The AngularJS framework is easily customizable and ad hoc or planned changes can be executed quickly as it does not depend on any specific library.

What this means for you: You can get your website up from design to live much faster with AngularJS than with most other languages or frameworks. Additional, changes can be implemented with minimal wait time.

Extremely High Performing

AngularJS is a client side framework which gives websites built on this platform a speed advantage over websites built on server side frameworks. On a similar not, since it runs on JavaScript which is a browser native language, the page load times are fast. Another advantage AngularJS has over traditional CMS platforms is that it does not rely on plugins or external frameworks for features, bringing page size and requests down, consequently speeding up your website.

What this means for you: Website rankings on search engines depend on page speed and user experience. With AngularJS, both can be efficiently optimized ensuring your SEO team’s efforts are backed by your high performing website.

Easy to Test

A major portion of development time is spent on testing the website/application. We have seen many entrepreneurs roll out websites riddled with bugs simply because they were running out of time. AngularJS de-emphasizes explicit Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation with the goal of improving testability and performance. The built in Dependency Injection subsystem makes it easier to test sections of the website without having to worry about disturbing other sections on the website.

What this means for you: When we build websites for clients on AngularJS, testing is a part of the regular build process. This ensures that that final delivered product is bug free, with minimal time taken for actual testing and fixing of bugs.

Active & Knowledgeable Support Community

We mentioned earlier that AngularJS is maintained by Google and an extremely supportive community of talented engineers. This ensures the platform is always improving and the benefits are always increasing. This also speeds up  the development and testing process owing to a well-documented support manual.

What this means for you: Your website gets built on a reliable framework that will have minimal to no downtime.


Your official website is your online office. It represents your brand and the value you add to your customers life. This is why search engine’s like Google work extremely hard to sort out websites based on what the searcher would like best. If your website isn’t fast to load, fast to respond, and built with easy to use UX coupled with stunning UI, you’re not going to make it.

That’s were we, Getafix technologies come in. If you’re looking for a website development company, looking to explore AngularJS or just confused, relax. Drop us a message, we’ll walk you through the what why and how of taking your business online.

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