Can Your Industry Benefit from a Custom Built App?

How do you know if a custom software application is right for your business in a particular industry? And, how do you know your business is ready to make an investment in one. 

A custom software application could be a mobile app or even an ERP system. Custom software can provide you with the competitive edge you need. 

Many industries today can benefit from custom software, as long as the companies purchasing it are clear on their goals: the business problems they want their investment to solve, or the opportunities they want to take advantage of. 

Reasons to for investing in custom solution: 

  • Opening up new sales channels: Custom software can help companies reach their audiences — and new audiences — in innovative and effective ways, such as sending push notifications sharing information on special offers, promotions and sales. Thus,  constantly reminding clients about the business and motivating them to make purchases.
  • Increase sales, and, consequently, profits: By opting for custom solutions as mentioned above, companies reach their audiences, making their sales and marketing more efficient. This allows companies the opportunity to directly make offers to their customers and keep them reminded about the product via a notification on their phone, pictures and links to order online. 
  • Customer loyalty:  Customer loyalty is essential in today’s world, people search the internet, read reviews and opinions of other customers before making a commitment to your brand. Customer-focused marketing and sales applications can help clients feel special and connected to your brand. As a result, their confidence in and loyalty in a brand and product can potentially increase. 
  • Expand your brand: Custom applications can build brand recognition, introduce new audiences to the business and even expand into different geographical markets. 
  • Optimize business processes: Brands can use custom software to manage  employees, streamline work processes, increase productivity and automate tedious, error-prone tasks.
  • Get ahead of competitors. A well-designed custom app can give a business significant competitive advantages by enabling them to better anticipate and meet customer needs.
  • Streamline operations:  Custom designed systems can be designed to integrate CRM, accounting systems, order processing systems etc. This allows for seamless back process management – in turn improving customer experience. 

Few industries are already using custom software:


The healthcare industry has vast areas of specialities and much research is still ongoing in this industry. 

The industry has many restricting factors like compliance regulations as it works with sensitive data. Furthermore, there are also many region and country specific regulations, rules and several branches in the sector – such as education, beauty, cosmetology, and many more. 

Because of this complex nature of the industry, it’s hard to design a solution that is ‘one size fits all’. Different healthcare practices have different specific requirements which may be highly unique and regulated. 

This nature of the healthcare industry makes tailor made custom application a viable and attractive option to consider for those in this sector. 

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Each business is built with a unique goal, vision and ambition in mind for the core business. A custom solution will allow businesses to improve decision making and help model the business strategy. 

They can create form reports tailored to the unique needs of a particular niche, the need to view and interpret data (client satisfaction, level of success of certain products or departments) to 

This inturn gives them the power to connect with the target audience in meaningful ways. 

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Streamlined processes and reliable platforms with complete transparency have many powerful benefits as they are essential for the FinTech sector. 

A custom solution can solve many of your basic needs – from providing industry trends and up-to-date statistics for users, to protecting financial data, to allowing convenient payments with a couple of clicks. 

FinTech companies have plenty of reasons for which they might want to invest in custom apps targeted at the client experience or internal operations. Creating more user friendly apps with great functionality gives customers a better experience with your business.  

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Popular brands like Amazon Prime and Netflix have various unique features built to suit their business needs and to target the right audience. The competition in the entertainment industry is high and many brands compete to create the most unique and user friendly user experience. 

With custom built software companies can go above and beyond audience demands to stand out from the rest of the competition.

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Real Estate

The real estate industry has extensive processes, components. It involves large teams that need to come together to ensure the operations run smoothly and effectively in order to build a house, complete a sale, or manage a property

Real estate companies need solutions that can account for all operations; a custom built software can simplify internal processes and make the clients’ experience as easy as possible.

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The above are just a few examples of a handful of industries we explored and see frequently in our work. Technology is not restricted by boundaries and restricts –  whatever the industry, it’s likely there is a business problem that custom software can solve. 

If your organization is wondering whether a custom application is the right choice for your business, we’d love to talk about your needs and how tailor-made software can help.

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